Thursday, October 20, 2011

Where We've Been and What We've Been Doing

I can't believe it's been almost a month since my last post!  It's been a busy time and while I have thought a lot about blogging and posts I would like to write, I have been thinking a lot about these two little people:

More specifically, I've been thinking about how these little people are growing up really fast and I want to enjoy each moment I have nurturing them, getting to know what is inside their little heads and hearts, snuggling up on the couch with a book with them...these are the things I remember about my own childhood.  I remember that my parents took time with me.  A few of the things we have been doing ~

~Reading.  Lots and lots of reading.  Now that they have learned to read, they want to read everything they can get their hands on.  Because I love books so much, I am thrilled to snuggle up with a book and take turns reading with them. 

~Learning to ride without training wheels.  This time last year I took the training wheels off of their bikes.  I thought this would provide motivation for them to learn to ride without them.  They begged me to put the training wheels back on and I wouldn't do it.  I told them they were big enough to learn to ride without them.  They staged a revolt and refused to pick up their bicycles, instead opting for their scooters or some other outside activity.  Finally they decided they wanted to learn to ride their bicycles.  They have skinned up knees and elbows and Princess has bruises all over her legs from falling, but they can ride!  It was a glorious week last week when they both found their confidence.  It also took a bit of motivation from Grandma and Grandaddy.  Somehow if Grandma and Grandaddy tell them they can do it, it's more believable.  Whatever it takes...I'm glad of two things: 1.  They can now ride their bikes and  2. That they have such a great relationship with their grandparents.
Here is a sweet picture of Prince trying to help Princess ride her bike.  He was running behind her, holding onto the seat, trying to help her stay on her bike.  They are so sweet with each other, helping one another in whatever they need. 
~ We went to the zoo.  I got a great deal on annual zoo passes on Groupon.  This was a great way to spend some family time together.

Princess is such an animal lover!  She thought this was really cool.

I was surprised at how much Prince enjoyed this, but he did. 

~ Last weekend we took the kids camping for the first time.  We were invited by some friends to go tent camping, which Hubby and I haven't done since before the kids were born. Hubby and I were a little unsure of how this would go because it has been so long since we've camped, but our wonderful friends took the lead and brought things we had forgotten to bring and we really enjoyed it.  One of the things we did on our camping trip was to go canoeing.  Hubby nor I had been in a canoe in over 15 years.  It was an adventure to say the least and we made an important discovery about our marriage in the process.  When our friend suggested getting canoes, Hubby was very unsure.  He didn't think this was going to be a good thing with trying to manage the kids and all.  I was very excited and told him how great it would be and the kids would love it and yes we should definitely do this.  So Hubby decided that it was OK and he paid for the canoe rental.  As we are getting into the canoes, I am in the front, Prince behind me, then Princess and Hubby in the back.  Suddenly, I'm not so sure that we made a wise choice.  As the canoe is rocking back and forth because Prince won't sit still, I am thinking more and more I that used bad judgement and this wasn't going to be a good experience.  Hubby, on the other hand had been convinced (by me no less!) that this was a great idea and we would have a fun time.  It was his turn to talk me into it now.  I'm great with the anticipation of new experiences and have to talk him into things and then when the rubber meets the road we switch and he has to talk me up.  It all ended fine and we had a good time overall, but allow me to share with you some of the conversations in the canoe.
Me: Prince, be still!  You are rocking the boat and I don't want to tip over.
Prince: But Mom, I just want to see in the water. 
Me: Be still!
Princess (wailing): I'm afraid an alligator is going to get me.  Let's go back! I'm not having fun!
Hubby: Honey, you've got to put the paddle deeper into the water than that.  No, on the other side of the boat.
Me: Prince, if you tip this boat over, so help me...
Prince: But I'm trying to be still!  I can't help it!
Princess: Where are the alligators?  They're going to eat us!  Can we go back now?
Hubby: Honey, don't hit the side of the boat with the paddle.  No, paddle on the other side, we're going to go into the weeds if you keep on.
Prince: What happens if all God's children fall out of the boat and sink?  Will they die?  Will we die?  Hey, why did God make our bodies where we'll die?  How come we don't live forever?  When we die and go to heaven, then what?  If everyone on earth dies will God make a new planet with people on it?  How come our souls last forever but our bodies don't?
Me: Prince, just look at the pretty water and plants that God made for us.  Let's enjoy what God gave us now and talk about the other later. 
Princess: So, how about we go back now?  Don't you think that's a good idea?  Do you see any alligators?
Hubby: No, paddle closer to the boat than that.
Me: But you told me not to hit the side of the boat.
Hubby: Yeah, but now you aren't paddling close enough.  Watch me (as if I can turn myself around in the canoe to see how he's paddling.  I'm too scared we'll tip over!)

In spite of it all, we did finally all relax and we were able to enjoy working together as a team and seeing the beautiful springs and the animals.  Thankfully we didn't see any alligators or Princess would have come unglued, but we did see two otters fighting over a branch, turtles, fish, and lots of pretty birds. 
This picture was taken after we got back.

So there you have it.  That's where we've been and what we've been doing.  God has been working on my heart about a few things and I'll share those in later posts.  Be blessed!


  1. great pics! Good to see you back. Life sure does go by fast, doesn't it!!!

  2. Welcome back. I have noticed that when I put down the video camera, the camera, or using the phone for pics, I actually experience things with kids in a much better way. Maybe canoeing should be required on a regular basis for married couple. It is a great reminder of the need for clear communication and willingness to adapt when working together.

  3. Sounds like you've been busy with the important things! When they're all grown up, I'm sure you wont look back and wish you'd blogged more ;)