Monday, May 31, 2010

A Fruitful Weekend

We went to the in-laws this weekend out in the boonies to what we fondly call "Dalecatraz." My father-in-law, Farmer Dale, has a farm with a 10 foot high fence, topped with barbed wire "to keep the deer out." I think it's to keep us out, but we keep finding out way back out there. I guess they shouldn't have given us a key. Anyway, I was "off the grid" as they say. While we were there, we had the 2nd Annual Family Kid Olympics. Papa and Granny had lots of fun games set up for the kids. It was a great day to be outside, the weather was beautiful and there was a hint of a breeze. When the kids got to hot, Papa took them through the sprinklers.

This is the Princess and her cousin, Sweet Thang in the race to drive the Gator through an obstacle course. I think the battery was getting low and the ground was a little wet from the sprinklers. Poor little Sweet Thang had to get out and push. How wrong is that?

After the Kid Olympics, we went out to the orchard. This is Papa, aka Farmer Dale, driving the kids out to pick some fruit.

Farmer Dale can grow anything he tries, he has such a green thumb.

Princess enjoyed picking and eating the blackberries.

Prince liked picking the apples, but he really loved eating the plums. Look at that face! He's an eater and I know this will only get worse as he gets older. He's already eating me out of house and home. Although, I think he is going through a growth spurt right now. Did I mention he's grown like 3 1/2 inches and gained 16 pounds since last August?!

I enjoy going out to the orchard and picking the fruit and veggies. Hubby thinks I'm crazy to like it so much but I didn't grow up having to farm like he did. There's something relaxing about being out in the quiet, admiring the landscape.

It's amazing, the way God made plants to flower and then produce fruit.

Yesterday morning as I was looking at all of the apples on the trees, I thought about how much care these trees need in order to produce good fruit. They need water, rich soil, time, care...the same things we need to provide in our own lives if we are to bear fruit. Time in the orchard this weekend provided such inspiration and time to reflect. I have been focusing my own studies on the Fruits of the Spirit and contemplating a blogging series around these themes. This was my confirmation. So stay tuned, we're going to look at these fruits in more, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.

Today we spent the afternoon with my parents and Mema. My dad smoked some awesome barbeque. We swam in the pool and had such a great time. I love seeing my parents and my Mema with Prince and Princess. All of these things are possible because of the men and women who have served their country and sacrificed to keep my family safe and allow us the freedoms we enjoy. My dad is a veteran and I'm thankful to him, my grandfathers, and all of the other dads and grandaddies that have served our country. My prayer is that our country will realize that we do need God's protection and mercy and that doesn't come unless we invite Him to be a part of everything we do. God Bless America.

Friday, May 28, 2010

A Servant's Heart

The other night when I called the kids inside to wash hands for supper, I overheard an interesting conversation between the Princess and the Prince. They were down the hall in their bathroom when I heard Princess say to Prince, “Let me wash your feet for you.” Then as she turned on the faucet in the tub she said, “Jesus washed the disciples’ feet. Isn’t this cool?”

As the Prince came to the dining room with clean feet, I thought about what the Princess had just done. She didn’t think there was anything to washing young Prince’s feet, she just did it, she wanted to do it. She had a servant’s heart. Jesus calls us to have a servant’s heart, to do things for others because it is helpful to them and makes them feel good, not for anything we get in return. Jesus calls us to love our neighbors…to love everyone and to serve them with a happy heart. Jesus said, “Whatever you have done to the least of these my brothers, you have done unto me.”

I have a confession to make: I have not had a servant’s heart lately. I have been tired and cranky, and have not felt like serving others. I have had a stinky attitude and I have done things more out of a feeling of obligation than because I want to serve Christ. This is a hard truth for me to face. I have allowed myself to get so run down that I haven’t stopped to consider what God would have me do. It’s been about how I felt, rather than what I’m called to do. I haven’t had my batteries recharged in quite a while. When I get so busy that I don’t take time to touch base with God and allow His Holy Spirit to guide my thoughts and actions, I am not able to see through His eyes. My vision becomes blurred and I see what my flawed eyes and heart see. God wants so much more for me. He wants to live and breathe and move through me. When I am in tune with His will for my life, my heart yearns to love and serve others and my motives are pure.

I am an empty vessel, Lord. Please fill me up with your Holy Spirit so that my heart may never be out of line with Your will for my life. Create in me a clean heart, Oh God and renew a right spirit within me. Give me a servant’s heart and allow me to serve Your people with a spirit of unconditional love.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

There's No Crying in Baseball...or Is There?

Hubby and I signed Prince and Princess up for summer Little League. We thought that at age 5 they would be playing tee-ball. They've never played any kind of softball, tee-ball or anything before and we thought this would be a great beginning. Who would have known that they have already outgrown tee-ball?! They are in the next division up because they will be 6 before Sept. 1st. So we've been outside a little each day trying to teach them to bat and catch and throw. Tonight was the first practice with their team. They are by far the youngest on their team, but the coaches really spent time with them, trying to help them understand the basics and work to help them feel success. All went extremely well until...Prince tried to catch a ball and caught it with his nose. Yes, it was swollen, bleeding and he was crying. The mommy in me wanted to immediately run onto the field, but I held back a little because the mom that didn't want him to be a mama's boy wanted to use the old "shake it off, there's no crying in baseball" line. Ultimately I mommy did bring him off the field and I got the blood mostly to stop. After some water and a little TLC, I sent him back onto the field to finish practice. His nose is pretty swollen and is getting a little black but I think he is going to make it. Anyone have any experience in knowing how to tell if a kid has a broken nose? And what would they do for him anyway? The Princess did well tonight. She did not get hurt, and she was doing well with her batting and catching. I have to say though, that she runs like a girl. You just can't take the priss out of a prissy little girl, no matter what she's doing.

In other news, tomorrow is my dear sister's birthday. Happy Birthday Angie! My life totally changed the day you were born. I was an only child up to that point and I didn't have to share with anyone. Then you came into my life and everything that was once mine, was now yours too. Seriously, I'm so glad I have a sister. She keeps things exciting and she's the life of the party. Besides, who would do my nails for free? Love you Ang! I'm sorry I vaccuumed over your hair all those years ago. Hope you have an awesome birthday and a great cruise!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I Heart My Hubby

Today was an interesting day. For one thing, my dear sister put acrylic fingernails on me and I am struggling to type because I haven't had nails like this since my wedding 8 years ago. I thought I would give them a go. I think I'm going to like them (at least for a while) but it is a bit to get used to when trying to type or do anything really that involves using my fingers. Holla, sis! I'm trying to use a new word. The Lumberjack's Wife uses the word Holla a lot and while I understand its meaning, I'm not very good at using it in context. So I thought I would give it a try. Everyone go say, "Holla!" to The Lumberjack's Wife here. She is one of my favorite bloggers and she provides me with a daily dose of laughter. I heart The Lumberjack's Wife. Her blog makes my day.

So this afternoon I was logging onto my facebook page to send a message when I notice my status says, "I love my husband sooooo much! He's the BEST," and people are starting to comment on it. Interesting...I don't remember posting that as my status. Wait a minute, I didn't post that as my status. Not that it isn't true, because I do love my hubby very much and I do think he's pretty much all that and a bowl of grits, but I didn't write that. Then I notice that my dear hubby "likes" this status and has begun to comment along with my friend. I could not stop laughing. I was the last one logged into facebook on Hubby's i-phone so when he went onto facebook this morning he was logged in as me and decided I needed a new status.

How could I not love this handsome man?

Tonight as I was writing this blog, I got an instant message across on my computer from...hubby. He was sitting across the room from me and decided to send me a message. He's so goofy...but he makes me laugh. He was making fun of all of the clicking from my new fingernails typing on the computer. He was also trying to give me blogging ideas, one of which I'll probably work on for tomorrow. One of my favorite things about my hubby is that he is fun to be with and he makes me laugh. Laughter is great medicine and I have needed a giant dose of it lately. Sometimes I think I take life too seriously and I need to stop and loosen up a bit. I'm reminded of that old Gaither song, "Kids under construction, maybe the paint is still wet. Kids under construction, the Lord's just not through with me yet." Thank goodness God isn't through with me yet. Life's too short to be so uptight and such a control freak all the time. This is why I am so thankful that God sent me a partner with the gift of humor. He knows how to make me laugh. I would like to end tonight's blog by saying on my own, "I love my husband soooo much! He's the BEST."

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Summer Reading

Summer vacation is officially here. While I will still be working part-time, it's nice to have some down time. One of my favorite things about summer is that I have more time to read. I enjoy reading, I just don't always have the time to read a lot during the school year. A couple of weeks ago I picked up "Firefly Lane" at our local wholesale club and once I started it, I couldn't put it down. Having finished that one, I was looking for another good read, when I happened upon "The Wednesday Sisters." So far it's really good as well. A few of my other favorites have been the Robin Jones Gunn "Sisterchicks" series as well as The Yada Yada Prayer Group Series, The Potluck Club series, Francine Rivers books...Most of what I read is Christian Fiction, although the last two books happen not to be Christian. I enjoy reading things other than Green Eggs and Ham and Is Your Mama a Llama?. So after "The Wednesday Sisters" I'll be looking for something else to read.

What are some of your favorite summer reads? What do you like to read and why? Give me some ideas!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Kids Say the Darndest Things

It's time for another installment of...

Kids Say the Darndest Things.

Last week the prince asked one of his teachers, "Why do our eyes only see outside? Why can't they turn around and look inside of our bodies?" His teacher was pretty smart about this one. She told him that God made us that way and that He looks on the inside and we're just supposed to look outside. I thought that was pretty smart of her. By the way, I've never wondered that and now I wonder why I never thought of it.

This morning I was having a conversation with the princess and she was talking about wild animals. She started talking about snakes and what types of things they eat. She said that snakes sometimes eat eggs from other animals "and sometimes they eat their own little baby snakes. I think they must eat their kids because they can't afford to have that many kids." Hmmmm....

And then when we pulled up to Sunday School this morning, Princess said, "Mom, I see Grandma's Catholic over there."
Me: Grandma's what?
Princess: Grandma's Catholic
Me: Do you mean Grandma's Cadillac?
Princess: Yes, Grandma's Cadillac. So then what's a Catholic?
Me: That's a kind of we're Methodist and there's Baptist, then there's also Catholic like Dawn and Tony.
Princess: Oh.
Yes, they've been keeping me on my toes lately. Have a good week, everyone!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Closing the Preschool Chapter ~ Bittersweet Endings

Tonight my sweet twins will graduate from preschool. This is a bittersweet occasion for me. I know they are ready to go to kindergarten, but I am not ready for them to grow up and be in the world of "big school." I have had the best of situations, as I am the director at their preschool. I began work when they started school, so we've always just gone together and then we come home together and have the afternoons to play and spend time together. I know that most people don't have the opportunity to be so involved with their children's school experience. They aren't able to be there for every first their child has, but I have had that and now the chapter is coming to an end. I won't be able just to peek in, or grab a hug when they are in the hall going to the playground, not to mention that kindergarten will be a full day. The prince and princess have come so far since they first began school. *Sigh*

The prince was an escape artist and would take every opportunity to escape from his class and run down the hall to my office. During the first couple of weeks of school he fell out of his chair and busted his head open, needing stitches. His poor teacher had to come tell me what had happened and that he needed to go to the hospital. I also thought he'd never potty train, and then one day he just did. Just as of this year, his teacher took measurements from August to May. The kid has grown 4 1/2 inches and gained 16 pounds! 16 pounds, people! He eats me out of house and home.

The princess has grown in other ways. She has finally realized that there is more to life than being super cute (which she still is) but that there is value in being smart as well. She finally discovered that she can be smart, social, and beautiful all at the same time. She has made some great friends and one of her little friends will be at the same school next year so I'm hoping maybe they'll be in the same class. The princess' favorite phrases for her teachers and really anyone else who will listen are "Can I tell you something?" and "Ya know what?" She must ask her teacher those questions 20 times a day and she's only there for 3 hours. It's become a joke between us now. The princess has truly matured since she first started school. She is full of information that she's learned about history, animals, rhyming words, etc. and because she is so verbal, she shares with everyone. I remember when they learned about Abraham Lincoln's assasination, you would have thought it just happened.

The great thing about tonight is that I am the director and I get to graduate my own kids. The hard thing about tonight is that I am the director and I have to graduate my own kids. While all the other moms can have their own little moment of tears out in the congregation, I will be in front of everyone running the show so it's a luxury I don't have. I just hope I can hold it all together. For those of you reading this and thinking, what's the big deal it's only preschool? I know, I know. It's only preschool. It's just that it is a milestone that means that I no longer have preschoolers and I now have kids. It also means that this control freak will lose a little more of that control over who my kids are around, what they hear, what they are exposed to, etc. It means that I am going to have to give all of this up to God and trust that He will protect my children physically, as well as their little hearts and minds from things they shouldn't hear and know. It's a part of life and I know that there will be many more milestones that I have to look forward to. When one chapter ends, another begins and I am looking forward to the days ahead and all they hold: raising and growing strong,healthy, godly kids.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Be Imitators of Christ

Ephesians 5:1 “Be imitators of God, therefore, as dearly loved children.” - New International Version

Children naturally mimic their parents in words and actions. It’s how they learn about how the world works and they do it from the minute they are born. As the mother of 5 year old twins, I often hear them say things that I have said in the exact intonation with which I’ve said it. When they are spouting words of wisdom from some lesson they have learned, I smile and feel proud that they are learning from me. There are many times, however, that I hear my own words and cringe. That sounded so ugly coming out of their mouths. How must it have sounded coming out of mine?
The Message version of Ephesians 5:1-2 says, “Watch what God does, and then you do it, like children who learn proper behavior from their parents. Mostly what God does is love you. Keep company with him and learn a life of love. Observe how Christ loved us. His love was not cautious but extravagant. He didn't love in order to get something from us but to give everything of himself to us. Love like that.”

Loving others with Christ’s extravagant love…I want to do that! How does God feel when He hears my words? Is he beaming with pride or does He cringe? I try to share Christ’s love in all I do, but I often fall short. The scripture says by watching what God does and keeping company with Him, I can learn how to love. Spending time in prayer, reading my Bible, and surrounding myself with other Christians who radiate such extravagant love are all things I can do to learn to love others. I pray that others will see Christ radiate through me and that when I speak, I sound exactly like my Father.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A Tale of Two Sisters

This is my little sister. Isn't she beautiful?

This is my sister when she was little:

I love this picture of her. She is still quite the fashion plate.

I am going to tell you a story about 2 sisters. It may or may not be about these two girls

My kids love this story. I don't know why.

Once upon a time two little girls shared a bedroom. Their mother was gone to the store and their dad was home with them. He asked the older girl to vaccuum her room. So being the obedient, compliant child she was, she got out the vaccuum cleaner and took it to her bedroom. The younger sister, who liked to get the older sister in trouble, laid down on the floor and said, "You're not going to vaccuum and you're gonna get in trouble." The older sister said, "Move it, sister or I'm gonna vaccuum over you." The younger sister continued to taunt her older sister and laid in the middle of the floor. The older sister did what any reasonable, compliant child would do. She started up the vaccuum and told her sister to move. Younger sister didn't move and therefore got her hair vaccuumed up into the vaccuum cleaner. Younger sister screamed, daddy ran down the hall unplugging the vaccuum on his way in the room and ended up having to cut hair out of the roller on the vaccuum. Older sister got in HUGE trouble. Those younger siblings are such trouble makers! The end.

Atlantis Lift Off Video

Thanks so much to hubby for the technical support! And now dear readers, this is a taste of what it's like to see a space shuttle launch in person.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Come on, summer!

I am so glad we are at the last week of school. I have been so busy lately and I don’t think I could have kept this pace up for much longer. I am really looking forward to summer, where the kids and I can relax and take on a bit of a slower pace. Only 4 more days!

This weekend we had company and it was a wonderful time. Hubby’s favorite aunt and uncle came to visit and to see the shuttle launch.
We were able to view it from the Kennedy Space Center and it was truly a beautiful launch. I will try to post the video that hubby made. Fun fact: Hubby used to be a television reporter and producer in a former life. These are skills that come in handy for the purposes of making neat videos and photo collections on DVDs. In the mean time, a few photos:

It was a beautiful launch!

Grandaddy was working, but he stopped by to see us! This is my dad, Safety Bob. (We call him that because he works Safety both at work and at home)

The princess and Grandma wait for the launch. They are the bestest of buddies.

And here is Handsome Hubby with our kidlets. I tell him he looks dangerous in his sunglasses. Maybe not so much in this picture, but trust me, he does.

The princess lost her first tooth on Saturday afternoon. She was quite excited and pulled it right out herself. Her twin brother has already lost 3 teeth to her 1 and she has been waiting so patiently for her tooth to be ready to come out. The tooth fairy even found her at Grandma and Grandaddy’s house that night. Did you know that the tooth fairy brings more money than she used to? I was just telling the princess the other day that when I was little I only got jingle money from the tooth fairy. Princess says, "You can't buy anything good with jingle money." Right she is...back in the day we could buy a little something or save it up to buy something big. These days jingle money will get you nothing. At our house the tooth fairy brings $5 for the first tooth you lose and then $1 for each tooth after that.

Hubby and I are trying to be all cultured and sophisticated-like and part of that effort has been going to see plays and shows. Saturday night we saw The Man of La Mancha. It was really well done and we had a great time. The kiddos spent the night with their grandparents so it was win/win for everyone.

Happy Monday everyone! Make it a great day!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Trekkers vs. Trekkies...What's the Diff?

OK, so I was going to spare you all of the Trek Trivia but since you insist on going there, this is the best of my understanding. For those of you who didn't ask, you can put this in the category of "Useless Stuff for 500, please Alex." If might come in handy should you ever be on Jeopardy. And let me just say that before hubby and I married, I had never even see an episode of Star Trek and now I am using valuable brain space on this. So I'm passing it on to you. You're welcome!
There was actually a documentary about Trekkers vs. Trekkies that we endured, I mean watched a couple of years ago. I think the difference is how "into" Star Trek they are. Trekkers vs. Trekkies, they all dress up for the conventions, it's the difference of some recognizing that it's a costume vs. some insisting it's a uniform. Interruption - have you ever been to a convention? It's interesting to say the least. Anywho, the self-proclaimed Trekkers say they are the ultimate fans but they recognize it's just a show. They say the Trekkies are the ones who think it's all real. Aren't you impressed by my vast knowledge in this area? Thanks hubby, for corrupting, oh I mean educating me for the past 8 years. Yes, I've been to a convention but no, we didn't dress up. However, do you honestly think I would have gotten off that easy in the last 8 years?

Exhibit A ~ The Trek Twins
This was their third Halloween. Hubby talked my mother into making the costumes - I mean uniforms (sorry honey!)- and then he photoshopped this picture so we could send out Halloween cards to everyone.

Exhibit B ~ Last Halloween
It took 8 years, but Hubby finally talked me into dressing up with him. See how much I love this man?! I dressed up in a Star Trek costume - I mean uniform - sorry, I did it again honey!

Have a great day everyone! Live long and prosper!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

These are a Few of my Favorite Things

As I was contemplating what to write about today, I decided to let you have a look into the things I like. So I am starting a new series inspired by the Sound of Music Song:

I love food! That’s ironic because for many years after I was diagnosed with Crohn’s there were many foods I couldn’t eat. Since my surgeries I am not limited at all and I do enjoy trying new things. My favorites include Italian, salad with bleu cheese dressing, Mexican, Southern…what can I say except that I just really do enjoy food. I’m not a huge fan of seafood unless it’s deep fried and doesn’t taste fishy. Hubby thinks this is ironic since I grew up in Florida near the beach. One of my 2010 resolutions has been to try new foods that I wouldn’t typically order. This has been a fun project so far.


I shared on an earlier post that my life’s theme song is If You Want Me To by Ginny Owens. I enjoy all kinds of music with my favorites being Praise and Worship as well as the old hymns.


I just love fairy tales and happy endings and I have a confession to make. I collect DVDs and I like to watch the same movies again and again. Hubby is not a fan of watching a movie more than once unless it is Star Trek or Dr. Who. I’m not a fan of either of those. No offense to any Trekkies or Trekkers that may be reading my blog. Is it sad that I know the difference? Anywho, back to the topic at hand, my favorite movies include: Pretty Woman, Gone With the Wind, Driving Miss Daisy, The Princess Diaries, You’ve Got Mail, Sleepless in Seattle…notice none of these are recent releases. This would be because I now have small children and unless it’s animated, I don’t get to see it. I did get hubby to take me to see Julie and Julia, which I thoroughly enjoyed and I confess that I own it on DVD and have watched it at least 4 more times. However, it sometimes takes me 3 or 4 days to watch one movie because I usually fall asleep part of the way through.
I used to like tear-jerkers and sometimes I still do, but there are a few that I can’t watch since I have had children. They include: Steel Magnolias, Step-Mom, Jack Frost, movies that involve little kids losing their parents…it’s too much.

Television Show:

Mostly my television is set on the Disney Channel and Nick Jr. when it is on. However, when we aren’t watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse or Olivia, I love to watch Food Network. My new favorite show is Parenthood. If you haven’t seen it, check it out. The hubby and I have a date every Tuesday night to watch it together. Other favorites include The Big Bang, 7th Heaven is my all time favorite and I still watch it on DVD as well as The West Wing on DVD.

So these are a few of my favorite things. Stayed tuned for the next installment of My Favorite Things coming soon!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Sick Princess and Hurt Tenders

This picture of the princess was taken on Mother's Day after church. Isn't she a cutie? The sweet princess is sick with a stomach virus. Poor little thing is miserable, but trying not to complain too much. I feel so bad when they are sick and can't get comfortable. She began with a fever last night as I was going to bed and ended up getting up several times through the night. Poor little princess. She didn't even fight going to bed tonight. She was just that worn out. Tonight as I tucked her into bed and she said her prayers I added, "and God, please help Princess to feel better and heal her." Her sweet little voice said, "Mommy when I was in your room this morning I was praying and asking God to make me all better so I can feel better." We're hoping this thing will hurry up and run its course and she can be back to her bubbly, giggly self soon.

The prince, on the other hand, is finer than frog hair. He cracks me up with the things he says. Both of them hear new words and try to use them in proper context.
This picture of the prince was taken at preschool last week at Muffins for Moms. How could you not just love that face?!
This morning the prince told me that his "tenders" hurt.
Me: What?
Prince: My tenders hurt.
Me: What are your tenders?
Prince: You know, they're inside my body with my muscles and bones and since I'm growing stronger, they hurt.
Me: Oh, do you mean your tendons?
Prince: Yes, that's what I said.

Monday, May 10, 2010

My Night as a Secret Agent

Tonight I felt like a secret agent. If I tell you what I was doing, you've got to promise to keep it a secret. Tomorrow is our pastor's birthday. I wanted him to feel loved, so I snuck into his office while he was in a meeting and decorated it. It was oh so much fun. I should have taken pictures, but I forgot my camera. It reminded me of my teenage years when I used to roll houses, cars, offices... Let's just say I have a lot of experience with all of this. I know that this will bring back memories for several of my readers who were my partners in crime. I remember the days of toilet papering yards and hiding in the bushes when a car drove by. Once upon a time The Queen of Brussels Sprouts left me as she drove away and I had to walk across the golf course back to her house. I'm sure she will "categorically deny all allegations." There is also my partner in crime, the other part of the "Gruesome Twosome" who helped me to pull off many schemes in my time. Those were the days.

Tonight though, I was feeling my age and majorly out of practice. It was quite the work-out given the time constraints, not wanting to get caught and all. Do you know that I am not as limber as I once was? That's right people, I used to be young and limber and could stand on top of a chair to reach something without worrying that I would fall and break my neck. This is not the case as much anymore. I don't know what happened to me, perhaps those brain cells that were lost giving birth to my children were brain cells related to balance and youth and such. I just think all of those dendrites are not making all of the connections they should make. (By the way, you should be impressed that I remember what dendrites are and what they do. I'm not sure where that information came from in the dark recesses of my little brain.)

I refuse to think that my brain difficulties could be because I am approaching what my hubby says is middle age. Really?! My birthday isn't for several more months. All I'm sayin' is that I don't feel so young lately. And on that note, it is time for me to go to bed. I need all the beauty sleep I can get.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mommy Wisdom through On the Job Training

Happy Mother's Day to all of you wonderful mothers! I am most thankful for my own mother and the important role of love and support she has in my life. My mom even still goes out of her way to make things special for me. Love you, Mom! I am also thankful for all of the women who have come into my life and treated me as their daughter, allowing me to become part of their families and showing me such love and support.

This is a picture of me, my mom, my princess, my Mema, and my lovely sister.
Things have been a little heavy on here lately and I thought it was time to lighten up a bit. So I am going to share some things I have learned from being a mommy. These are things that people can tell you about, but you don't truly understand until you are a mom and it happens to you.

1. You know how when you're pregnant you can't remember things because blood is diverted from your brain? After you have children, you never get those brain cells back. I USED to have a great memory. My kids have sucked out those brain cells and they just don't work anymore.

2. There are some things that little boys are naturally interested in: rocks, dirt, things with wheels, and their privates. Also, they don't have good aim and they like to pee outside.

3. There are some things that come very naturally to little girls: manipulating their daddy, singing cute little songs, and being a drama queen top the list. Oh, and little girls talk A LOT.

4. When you have kids you never get to go to the bathroom by yourself again. There's always someone looking for you, calling your name, and if you don't answer, they will come and bang down the door to get to you.

5. You can never fully child-proof a room. They will always find something to get hurt on, whether it's chewing through the drywall on the window sill or biting through the little lightbulb on the nightlight. Yes, I know this from my little prince, who was oh so oral as a toddler.

6. Never, ever take a hot shower for granted. With twin infants, there were days that a shower was a luxury I just couldn't afford and washing my hair or shaving my legs were reserved for special occasions.

7. No matter how much you resist, you will at some point hear your mother's words coming out of your mouth. You know, those things you said you'd never say to your own kids? Yep, you'll say them! And your parents will let your kids get away with things they'd never let you do!

My cute mom, the new grandma!

8. A clean house is over-rated. Not only is it impossible to attain with little mess makers running around, it's much more fun to play. Kids are only little for a short while, why not make the most of it?

9. Hugs, kisses, and a sweet "I love you Mommy," will melt your heart and make you forget that your favorite trinket was just broken.

10. Children are a gift from God. They are on loan to us and are meant to be enjoyed. You will never know how much God loves you, until you have a child of your own. Then you get it.

This was our first family photo. Isn't it sweet? The twins were a little over a month old.

Yes, children turn your life upside down. You don't get a full night's sleep anymore and you don't recognize your former self, but I wouldn't trade any minute of it. I am reminded of that after the kids are asleep, the house is quiet, and while I've been looking forward to their bedtime all afternoon, I suddenly miss them and their sweet chatter. Being a Mommy is the best job in the world!

Friday, May 7, 2010

God is Bigger than the Boogie Man and Anything Else We Face

Oswald Chambers said, "We have to pray with our eyes on God, not on the difficulties." How much easier would my life be if I could always remember to keep my eyes on God and not on my seemingly insurmountable problems? I know how to pray, how to give things over to God, but the control freak in me always takes it back to worry over it again and again. Oh, I know God is in control and I know that He is a big God, but somehow I can't help myself. It's as if I think I can do it better or that I should be helping God. As I type, I have this image of my children trying to "help" me with chores. I appreciate the sentiment that they want to help me, but honestly sometimes they are under foot and just in my way, hindering me from getting the job done. Perhaps that's how God feels when I try to "help" Him solve my problems.

I remember the story when Jesus and the disciples were in the boat and a storm came (Mark 4:35-40). The disciples were panicked but Jesus was asleep in the boat. They asked him, “Teacher, don’t you care that we are going to drown?” Jesus replied by telling the water to be still and everything calmed down. Jesus knew it was all under his control, he could see the bigger picture. The disciples did exactly what I would have done. They started to panic and wondered why Jesus wasn’t doing anything. So many times I wonder why Jesus won’t simply do something, not realizing that he is there the whole time and while things may get a little rocky, he’s got it all under control. Perhaps he rocks the boat so we will realize that we need him; that we can’t fix it by our own strength, but only through the strength he gives us.

How many times do I pray and ask God to fix it only to manipulate the circumstances to try to fix it myself? I can see God sitting back, watching with His arms crossed saying, “I thought you asked Me to do this! I can’t do anything until you get out of the way and let me do my thing.” So my focus has to be on my God, who is bigger than any problem I face. Sing with me: God is bigger than the boogie man. He’s bigger than Godzilla or the monsters on TV. Yes, God is bigger than the boogie man and He’s watching out for you and me.” The Veggie Tales song I often sing to my kids applies to grown-ups as well!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Character Building? No thanks, I have enough!

Tough times never last, but tough people do. Robert Schuller was right about that. This last week has been a tough one for me. I've had to make some big decisions and sometimes doing the right thing is just plain hard. Sometimes I just want to tell God that I don't need any more of these character building experiences, I have enough character, thank you very much. However, I don't get to choose when and how my character develops. Sigh...this too will pass and when it does, I will emerge from it knowing that the Holy Spirit guides my actions and thoughts and that I can trust Him to work things out. For I know that all things work together for good to them that love the Lord.

Today we spent another relaxing afternoon at the beach. We went for a walk down the beach and the princess and prince brought their buckets in search of shells and other treasures. It amazes me how differently boys and girls are wired. We have such a creative God! My little boy loves sticks and rocks of all shapes and sizes, but the bigger, the better. The minute he finds a good stick or rock he won't let go of it. There are times when he will carry the same rock around with him for days on end. He even tries to sleep with it! It's hard, it's a rock for goodness' sake. He doesn't's treasure to him. He found several good rocks and a great stick on the beach today. He also enjoys rolling around in the sand until every crevice of his body is covered. I just don't understand it, but then again, I'm a girl. I understand princess things...such as "making soup" or "pies" out of sand and mud, searching for the prettiest, most perfect shell. These are the activities of my little princess, who is so particular about everything she does.

Hubby just asked if we have any cookie dough on hand. We don't, but I will remedy that very soon. Just so you know, I am a dough eater. I love the stuff and can't get enough of it. I read very funny blog this morning about a lady who ran through the house "nekked" to eat "just one more bite of dough" and almost got caught by someone knocking at her door. Here is the link if you'd like a good laugh:

I laughed out loud because I could see this happening to me too!

Happy Saturday! I'm off to make cookie dough!