Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I Heart My Hubby

Today was an interesting day. For one thing, my dear sister put acrylic fingernails on me and I am struggling to type because I haven't had nails like this since my wedding 8 years ago. I thought I would give them a go. I think I'm going to like them (at least for a while) but it is a bit to get used to when trying to type or do anything really that involves using my fingers. Holla, sis! I'm trying to use a new word. The Lumberjack's Wife uses the word Holla a lot and while I understand its meaning, I'm not very good at using it in context. So I thought I would give it a try. Everyone go say, "Holla!" to The Lumberjack's Wife here. She is one of my favorite bloggers and she provides me with a daily dose of laughter. I heart The Lumberjack's Wife. Her blog makes my day.

So this afternoon I was logging onto my facebook page to send a message when I notice my status says, "I love my husband sooooo much! He's the BEST," and people are starting to comment on it. Interesting...I don't remember posting that as my status. Wait a minute, I didn't post that as my status. Not that it isn't true, because I do love my hubby very much and I do think he's pretty much all that and a bowl of grits, but I didn't write that. Then I notice that my dear hubby "likes" this status and has begun to comment along with my friend. I could not stop laughing. I was the last one logged into facebook on Hubby's i-phone so when he went onto facebook this morning he was logged in as me and decided I needed a new status.

How could I not love this handsome man?

Tonight as I was writing this blog, I got an instant message across on my computer from...hubby. He was sitting across the room from me and decided to send me a message. He's so goofy...but he makes me laugh. He was making fun of all of the clicking from my new fingernails typing on the computer. He was also trying to give me blogging ideas, one of which I'll probably work on for tomorrow. One of my favorite things about my hubby is that he is fun to be with and he makes me laugh. Laughter is great medicine and I have needed a giant dose of it lately. Sometimes I think I take life too seriously and I need to stop and loosen up a bit. I'm reminded of that old Gaither song, "Kids under construction, maybe the paint is still wet. Kids under construction, the Lord's just not through with me yet." Thank goodness God isn't through with me yet. Life's too short to be so uptight and such a control freak all the time. This is why I am so thankful that God sent me a partner with the gift of humor. He knows how to make me laugh. I would like to end tonight's blog by saying on my own, "I love my husband soooo much! He's the BEST."


  1. I was gonna say "Holla" until I saw the hubz' picture. *insert catcalling* Now all I can think of is the day he came into 8th grade Spanish and said "Ho-la" WITH the "h" sound. HAHAHAHAHAHA. Yeah hubz is funny. High praise from me, eh?

  2. Holla!
    Thanks! :)
    That is super funny!
    Holla, Rachael's husband . . . Holla!