Monday, May 17, 2010

Come on, summer!

I am so glad we are at the last week of school. I have been so busy lately and I don’t think I could have kept this pace up for much longer. I am really looking forward to summer, where the kids and I can relax and take on a bit of a slower pace. Only 4 more days!

This weekend we had company and it was a wonderful time. Hubby’s favorite aunt and uncle came to visit and to see the shuttle launch.
We were able to view it from the Kennedy Space Center and it was truly a beautiful launch. I will try to post the video that hubby made. Fun fact: Hubby used to be a television reporter and producer in a former life. These are skills that come in handy for the purposes of making neat videos and photo collections on DVDs. In the mean time, a few photos:

It was a beautiful launch!

Grandaddy was working, but he stopped by to see us! This is my dad, Safety Bob. (We call him that because he works Safety both at work and at home)

The princess and Grandma wait for the launch. They are the bestest of buddies.

And here is Handsome Hubby with our kidlets. I tell him he looks dangerous in his sunglasses. Maybe not so much in this picture, but trust me, he does.

The princess lost her first tooth on Saturday afternoon. She was quite excited and pulled it right out herself. Her twin brother has already lost 3 teeth to her 1 and she has been waiting so patiently for her tooth to be ready to come out. The tooth fairy even found her at Grandma and Grandaddy’s house that night. Did you know that the tooth fairy brings more money than she used to? I was just telling the princess the other day that when I was little I only got jingle money from the tooth fairy. Princess says, "You can't buy anything good with jingle money." Right she is...back in the day we could buy a little something or save it up to buy something big. These days jingle money will get you nothing. At our house the tooth fairy brings $5 for the first tooth you lose and then $1 for each tooth after that.

Hubby and I are trying to be all cultured and sophisticated-like and part of that effort has been going to see plays and shows. Saturday night we saw The Man of La Mancha. It was really well done and we had a great time. The kiddos spent the night with their grandparents so it was win/win for everyone.

Happy Monday everyone! Make it a great day!

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