Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Sick Princess and Hurt Tenders

This picture of the princess was taken on Mother's Day after church. Isn't she a cutie? The sweet princess is sick with a stomach virus. Poor little thing is miserable, but trying not to complain too much. I feel so bad when they are sick and can't get comfortable. She began with a fever last night as I was going to bed and ended up getting up several times through the night. Poor little princess. She didn't even fight going to bed tonight. She was just that worn out. Tonight as I tucked her into bed and she said her prayers I added, "and God, please help Princess to feel better and heal her." Her sweet little voice said, "Mommy when I was in your room this morning I was praying and asking God to make me all better so I can feel better." We're hoping this thing will hurry up and run its course and she can be back to her bubbly, giggly self soon.

The prince, on the other hand, is finer than frog hair. He cracks me up with the things he says. Both of them hear new words and try to use them in proper context.
This picture of the prince was taken at preschool last week at Muffins for Moms. How could you not just love that face?!
This morning the prince told me that his "tenders" hurt.
Me: What?
Prince: My tenders hurt.
Me: What are your tenders?
Prince: You know, they're inside my body with my muscles and bones and since I'm growing stronger, they hurt.
Me: Oh, do you mean your tendons?
Prince: Yes, that's what I said.

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