Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A Tale of Two Sisters

This is my little sister. Isn't she beautiful?

This is my sister when she was little:

I love this picture of her. She is still quite the fashion plate.

I am going to tell you a story about 2 sisters. It may or may not be about these two girls

My kids love this story. I don't know why.

Once upon a time two little girls shared a bedroom. Their mother was gone to the store and their dad was home with them. He asked the older girl to vaccuum her room. So being the obedient, compliant child she was, she got out the vaccuum cleaner and took it to her bedroom. The younger sister, who liked to get the older sister in trouble, laid down on the floor and said, "You're not going to vaccuum and you're gonna get in trouble." The older sister said, "Move it, sister or I'm gonna vaccuum over you." The younger sister continued to taunt her older sister and laid in the middle of the floor. The older sister did what any reasonable, compliant child would do. She started up the vaccuum and told her sister to move. Younger sister didn't move and therefore got her hair vaccuumed up into the vaccuum cleaner. Younger sister screamed, daddy ran down the hall unplugging the vaccuum on his way in the room and ended up having to cut hair out of the roller on the vaccuum. Older sister got in HUGE trouble. Those younger siblings are such trouble makers! The end.


  1. Is that why she had short hair for a while ;)

  2. You vaccummed up your sister's hair?!? :)

  3. She wouldn't move in spite of the warnings. Not one of my better judgement calls, but at the time it made sense. Believe it or not, we are the best of friends, always have been. Just not so much on that day.

  4. I bet Princess will never lay down in the path of a vacuum after hearing that story. Your sister's kids? Well, I can't wait till they decide to recreate that particular story. BTW, did your Dad get in trouble with your mom since it happened on his watch? LOL!

  5. I can't remember that part about whether Dad got in trouble. I think when my mom came home, Dad was still trying to get Sister's hair out of the vaccuum bar so that was the task at hand.
    Her boys have too short of hair to do that.

  6. Having just read over this, I have to chuckle now. Although at the time all I heard was the vacuum cleaner running and a blood curling scream. Doesn’t take much imagination as to what was going through my head while on a dead run for the kids bedroom. Mom was not happy but I think she didn’t hold me responsible. Most times I would try to stay out of squabbles, but then there were lot’s of times I would get into it and wound up with two mad girls and an unhappy wife. Would I ever learn? Nah! I’m a guy!

  7. Poor Daddy. You were always in the middle and being the only guy in our house was not easy. I can't imagine what I would do if I came home to this situation with Hubby and my kids.