Thursday, May 27, 2010

There's No Crying in Baseball...or Is There?

Hubby and I signed Prince and Princess up for summer Little League. We thought that at age 5 they would be playing tee-ball. They've never played any kind of softball, tee-ball or anything before and we thought this would be a great beginning. Who would have known that they have already outgrown tee-ball?! They are in the next division up because they will be 6 before Sept. 1st. So we've been outside a little each day trying to teach them to bat and catch and throw. Tonight was the first practice with their team. They are by far the youngest on their team, but the coaches really spent time with them, trying to help them understand the basics and work to help them feel success. All went extremely well until...Prince tried to catch a ball and caught it with his nose. Yes, it was swollen, bleeding and he was crying. The mommy in me wanted to immediately run onto the field, but I held back a little because the mom that didn't want him to be a mama's boy wanted to use the old "shake it off, there's no crying in baseball" line. Ultimately I mommy did bring him off the field and I got the blood mostly to stop. After some water and a little TLC, I sent him back onto the field to finish practice. His nose is pretty swollen and is getting a little black but I think he is going to make it. Anyone have any experience in knowing how to tell if a kid has a broken nose? And what would they do for him anyway? The Princess did well tonight. She did not get hurt, and she was doing well with her batting and catching. I have to say though, that she runs like a girl. You just can't take the priss out of a prissy little girl, no matter what she's doing.

In other news, tomorrow is my dear sister's birthday. Happy Birthday Angie! My life totally changed the day you were born. I was an only child up to that point and I didn't have to share with anyone. Then you came into my life and everything that was once mine, was now yours too. Seriously, I'm so glad I have a sister. She keeps things exciting and she's the life of the party. Besides, who would do my nails for free? Love you Ang! I'm sorry I vaccuumed over your hair all those years ago. Hope you have an awesome birthday and a great cruise!

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  1. Thx for the comment. The thing I have been dealing with is that God will lead and direct those to read what I write that He wants to. You do have a talent. I know what you mean to bepulled and stretched out of your comfort zone...that is what He wants for us to grow in Him. Continue to make it for Him for His glory and about His word and all will fall in to place. It is all about Him, praise God for that.
    Still looking for that devo ;) and did you get my email?