Monday, June 27, 2016

Eternal Salvation Movie Review

Every once in a while I am contacted by someone to review a book on my blog and because I love books, I am happy to do this. A while back I was asked if I would review a movie by FishFlix. I enjoy supporting Christian media and watching movies with faith themes so I agreed. I'm so glad I did! 

Eternal Salvation is about Jonathan, who has built a successful career working for an investment banking firm. He has done whatever it takes to get ahead in this competitive industry and has quite the reputation for success. While in his prime, Jonathan has a brain aneurysm that leaves him comatose. After he wakes up and begins the long road of recovery, Jonathan begins seeing that there may be more to life than he thought and that perhaps winning at any cost wasn't the way he wanted to do business. Jonathan finds a friend in the last person he would have expected and they journey together to help him discover what is important in life.

If I were to pick this movie up and judge it by the front cover, I probably wouldn't give it much thought. It's hard to tell what it is about or that it is anything that would interest me. I am certainly glad I gave it a chance. This is a great movie for a movie night within your small group or even just to watch at home. It is certainly family friendly, although it wouldn't appeal to young children. Eternal Salvation kept my attention throughout the entire movie and I found myself investing in these characters emotionally, caring about what happened to them. I thought the acting was good and the message was powerful. I would highly recommend this movie and its message. I am looking forward to viewing other movies from FishFlix, as they are high quality entertainment.

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If you are interested in Eternal Salvation, or other movies by FishFlix, I encourage you to visit their website HERE.

I received this movie at no cost in exchange for an honest review. I am not obligated to give it a positive rating, but I am highly recommending it because I enjoyed it and think you will too!