Thursday, May 20, 2010

Closing the Preschool Chapter ~ Bittersweet Endings

Tonight my sweet twins will graduate from preschool. This is a bittersweet occasion for me. I know they are ready to go to kindergarten, but I am not ready for them to grow up and be in the world of "big school." I have had the best of situations, as I am the director at their preschool. I began work when they started school, so we've always just gone together and then we come home together and have the afternoons to play and spend time together. I know that most people don't have the opportunity to be so involved with their children's school experience. They aren't able to be there for every first their child has, but I have had that and now the chapter is coming to an end. I won't be able just to peek in, or grab a hug when they are in the hall going to the playground, not to mention that kindergarten will be a full day. The prince and princess have come so far since they first began school. *Sigh*

The prince was an escape artist and would take every opportunity to escape from his class and run down the hall to my office. During the first couple of weeks of school he fell out of his chair and busted his head open, needing stitches. His poor teacher had to come tell me what had happened and that he needed to go to the hospital. I also thought he'd never potty train, and then one day he just did. Just as of this year, his teacher took measurements from August to May. The kid has grown 4 1/2 inches and gained 16 pounds! 16 pounds, people! He eats me out of house and home.

The princess has grown in other ways. She has finally realized that there is more to life than being super cute (which she still is) but that there is value in being smart as well. She finally discovered that she can be smart, social, and beautiful all at the same time. She has made some great friends and one of her little friends will be at the same school next year so I'm hoping maybe they'll be in the same class. The princess' favorite phrases for her teachers and really anyone else who will listen are "Can I tell you something?" and "Ya know what?" She must ask her teacher those questions 20 times a day and she's only there for 3 hours. It's become a joke between us now. The princess has truly matured since she first started school. She is full of information that she's learned about history, animals, rhyming words, etc. and because she is so verbal, she shares with everyone. I remember when they learned about Abraham Lincoln's assasination, you would have thought it just happened.

The great thing about tonight is that I am the director and I get to graduate my own kids. The hard thing about tonight is that I am the director and I have to graduate my own kids. While all the other moms can have their own little moment of tears out in the congregation, I will be in front of everyone running the show so it's a luxury I don't have. I just hope I can hold it all together. For those of you reading this and thinking, what's the big deal it's only preschool? I know, I know. It's only preschool. It's just that it is a milestone that means that I no longer have preschoolers and I now have kids. It also means that this control freak will lose a little more of that control over who my kids are around, what they hear, what they are exposed to, etc. It means that I am going to have to give all of this up to God and trust that He will protect my children physically, as well as their little hearts and minds from things they shouldn't hear and know. It's a part of life and I know that there will be many more milestones that I have to look forward to. When one chapter ends, another begins and I am looking forward to the days ahead and all they hold: raising and growing strong,healthy, godly kids.


  1. Well, you could become insane like me and homeschool ;) Hubby loves homeschooling so much, he once asked, "Can we homeschool for college?" Silly man!

  2. Oh Ro. Big hugs to you. You've done great with them so far. And now they'll learn another great lesson: That Mom won't always be just down the hallway but when they come home, you'll be ready to hear about their day.