Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Thou Shalt Not Covet

A few days ago Prince, Princess and I were in the grocery store.  We were walking along and Prince begins telling me about a spy kit he wants for Christmas.  I was in the zone, trying to think of what else I needed to get as he is talking about this really cool toy he wants.  I will admit that I was half listening when Princess mentioned that she wanted one too and did I think she could get one for Christmas too.  Below is the conversation as it took place.  I can't make this stuff up ~
Princess: Mommy, do you think I could get that too? 
Me:  I don't know if we need two of them in our house.  Don't you think one is plenty and you can share?
Princess: Listen Mommy, I need to tell you something.  Do you know what coveting is?
Me: Yes, I know what coveting is.  Do you know what it is?
Princess:  Coveting is wanting what your neighbor has and we've been learning about it in school and it's a sin.
Me:  That's right.
Princess: So if Prince gets the spy thing and I don't get one I might covet what he has and that would be bad but if you will go ahead and just buy me one then I won't want it cause I'll already have it.  See?  Then I won't have to covet.

I think I'm in trouble.  We send her to a Christian school to learn the Bible and she's definitely doing that, but this child is smarter and has more angles than I could ever think of. 


  1. Wow she is totally on top of her game. She made a strong case for sure.

  2. Ha! She's definitely a smart little thing:) Cute!

  3. I SOOO enjoy your kids! The Christmas picture is beautiful, and I am not a bit surprised at her logic. That girl may be on the Supreme Court one day (we can pray!)