Sunday, August 26, 2012

The B-I-B-L-E

This morning in worship we gave Bibles to our rising second graders. I told them that I hoped they would wear these Bibles out from reading them so much. I hope they grow to love their Bibles as much as I love and enjoy mine. Prince and Princess received their Bibles today as well. They have a Beginner's Bible and a Bible they use at school, but this is their Bible for use at home.  When we got home from church, Princess got to talking about different Bibles and she asked me about the Bibles I have.  I dug around and found my first Bibles to show her, from when I was her age and also the story Bible I received when I was 4 years old.    

As things have gotten busy with the beginning of school,  I've tried to continue to with my daily quiet time with God.  Sometimes it's those last few minutes before bed at night or a quick read first thing in the morning and usually on my Kindle.  I have several books that I have downloaded, as well as a Bible on there, so it makes it easy to access whatever I want to read.  Sometimes it doesn't happen until after the preschool building has emptied for the day and I pull out one of the Bibles by my desk.  You see, I have several Bibles...different versions, different thicknesses and covers, different reference and study aids.  I use them all at different times, depending on what I am trying to study.

Yesterday morning as I was cleaning up around my side of the bed, I pulled out an old friend.  It was my favorite Bible ~ the leather study Bible that Hubby gave me the first Christmas we were married.  I hadn't realized how much I missed it until I held it in my hands.  It felt right and as I turned the worn pages, it was like reuniting with an old friend.  There are old bulletins and notes from church services past, pictures my sweet Prince and Princess have drawn on scraps of offering envelopes, Bible verses that have been given to me for various stages of my adult life.  There's a laminated newspaper copy of my wedding announcement from 10 years ago.  The bulletin from Hubby's Granny's funeral.  So many memories from joyful and difficult times in my past, and this Bible has been used for all of those.  In sickness, I clung to God's promises, looking to Him with hope.  In joy, I have sung His praises and thanked Him for my blessings.  Even now as I think about it, I have the song in my head "The B-I-B-L-E yes that's the book for me!  I stand alone on the Word of God.  The B-I-B-L-E."

Do you have a favorite Bible?  Why is it your favorite?


  1. When I read your title I sang that song. I remember how much I loved to sing that song at VBS. I have several Bible's too. Each one special in it's own way.

  2. I'm singing the song now : )