Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Beginning of the Birthday Week

My birthday is this week.  I stopped counting more than a few years ago.  Princess however wants to know how old I am going to be.  She guessed 24 and I told her that was a pretty good guess.  Hubby laughed and said, "Yeah, the 13th anniversary of her 24th birthday."  Thanks a lot, Hubby.  I think 24 is a good number.  Anywho, Princess has been doing all of these secret things around the house lately in preparation for my birthday.  She just can't wait and keeps asking if I want my present.  The actual day isn't until Thursday, so I still have a little bit of time before I add another number to my age. 

This morning Princess decided she couldn't wait another day.  She just had to throw me a birthday breakfast.  Hubby and I could hear whispers this morning about breakfast as we laid in bed, pretending to be asleep.  I expected Princess and Prince to do their usual toast and/or cereal with milk or sometimes even Diet Coke to drink.  Princess came to get us and I was quite surprised with what I found in the dining room.
Prince and Princess decided that we would eat Ben and Jerry's ice cream for breakfast. 
I think they were really thinking about how I would never let them have ice cream for breakfast so it would be a cool way to get away with it.  As you can see, they mostly ate the ice cream and Hubby and I watched.
Confession: I don't give my kids Ben and Jerry's. When I do let them have the ocassional ice cream treat, I usually don't give them the "good stuff."  It is rare that we even have "the good stuff" in the house, but it was BOGO at the grocery store this week so I splurged. 
When I got to my chair I found this:
A bowl full of water for me to "relax my feet."  The water was quite chilly, but I took one for the team.  Princess has the right idea, bless her heart.
Sweet Princess gave me a present.
Excuse my crude photo editing of blacking her name out.  I have not mastered Photo Shop.

I recognize these two babies! 
This was written on the back of the picture.
She started this plant in school and has been hiding it in her room, watering it and caring for it without my knowing.
Last but not least, a foot massage with her Vanilla Cupcake scented lotion. 
What a sweet start to a Sunday morning and a wonderful start to my birthday week!

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  1. That was a sweet start to your day! Happy b-day early!