Monday, January 11, 2016

Trusting God with the Big Things

The week after Christmas I had what seemed like a bad week. While staying at a hotel, I was getting out of the shower and the shower door came off the track and landed on my big toe. It hurt so much and my toe immediately turned black. I hobbled to the bed and cried while Hubby got me some ice to put on my toe. I cried and prayed and cried and prayed. I'm not sure that it broke my toe but I know I'm going to lose the toenail and it hurt to walk on it for about 10 days.

A few days later I was in the grocery store and had my cell phone in my back pocket. I always check my back pockets before I go to the restroom but on this night I didn't. Wouldn't you know that my phone fell out of my back pocket and right into the toilet?! I immediately grabbed it out of the water and dried it off the best I could, but the phone wouldn't work. I was so mad at myself for making such a careless and expensive mistake! When I got home I put the phone in a baggie of rice and prayed that the phone would dry out and work again. In my impatience, each time I took the phone out of the rice and tried to power it on or plug it in, I prayed that it would work. Three days later, my phone finally powered on. Thank you Jesus!!

The night that my phone started working I had strange dreams. I remember dreaming that my phone kept falling in the ocean and each time I would reach for it, the waves would carry it out a little further from my grasp. In the midst of trying to get my phone, God spoke to me. While His voice wasn't audible, there was no mistake that He was speaking to me. He said, "Rachael, you bring all of these little things to me. You prayed over your hurt toe, your cell phone, you talk to me all of the time and ask me to handle these little things in your life. Why don't you trust me with the big stuff? When are you going to trust me to handle the important things in your life?" I was jolted awake, but wasn't sure what woke me up.

I didn't realize what it was until later that morning while we were sitting in worship and God's words reverberated through my mind and heart. "Trust me with the big stuff." I knew at once what He was talking about. It is true, I pray about a million little things every day all through the day. These things don't seem little to me at the time but I'm sure they qualify as "first world problems, " my cell phone for instance. I have also been know to pray for up close parking spaces when it is raining, that there won't be a big line at Starbucks when I want to quickly stop for a drink, that traffic isn't too heavy, etc. Don't get me wrong, I pray about many important things too. When I tell you that I talk to God all day every day, I do. I pray for people I know, people I don't know, my kids, people who are sick or struggling, our leaders...I pray for all kinds of things. I also know that God answers prayers.

This is the thing that convicts me: I don't always claim the answers to my big prayers. I know God listens to me. I know He heals and yes, still performs miracles in everyday people. I know He CAN. What I don't know is if He WILL. About 8 years ago, before my first Crohn's surgery, I prayed for healing. I claimed that healing and I knew that God had not only heard my prayers, I just knew He was going to answer those prayers in a specific way. Well God did answer my prayers but not in the way or the time that I wanted them answered and so the process was much longer and much more painful than I thought it should be. (You can read about that HERE) I hadn't realized it until lately, but this had a huge impact on my prayer life and my ability to trust God to answer the big prayers. I've been so afraid to ask Him for big things since that time. I don't know why God works things out the way He does. I do know that if God had answered my prayers my way I wouldn't have endured as much hurt, but I'm also sure that I would not have seen the miracle in the same way.

In the last 5 months I have been back and forth to Mayo Clinic for more tests. Some of my levels were elevated when I had routine labs taken. This has led to more tests and I'm going back for more in the next two days. I'll be honest, I'm tired of the tests, tired of being a human pin cushion. I'm tired of not knowing and I'm a bit anxious about it. I'm not doing this trust thing perfectly, but I would like to think that I am making progress. It's easy for me to look back on all that God has done in my life and to identify where He was each step of the way. It's harder to look forward, not knowing the outcome and to claim victory. What I do know is that God is there is the big and the little and He cares about all of it. As I start to get anxious with the what-ifs, I keep replaying God's words to me again in my mind, "Trust me with the big things, Rachael."


  1. I think trust is always a work in progress with we humans : ) I do hope you find the answers to your health concerns. I'm a big one for trying to tell God how something should be done. In my head I know His ways are not my ways, but I seem to regularly need to relearn to release control (or what I perceive as control) Take care and know you'll be in my prayers.

    1. Joyce, we have a lot in common.:) It is certainly a process, isn't it?