Friday, October 1, 2010

Hit Me Baby One More Time

It has been an extremely busy week and I am glad to see Friday is here!  Our Saturday promises to be busy as well, but at least I'll be spending it with my family. 

Yesterday I took the Prince and Princess to get their flu shots.  This is always a dreaded thing because Princess worries over the shot the entire way there.  Yesterday took the cake though.  This is the conversation in the back seat as I was driving them to the doctor's office:
Princess: Prince, hit me in the arm real hard so I can practice getting a shot.
Prince: Really?
Princess:  No, that wasn't hard enough.  Do it again harder 'cause shots hurt more than that.
Prince hits her again.
Princess: No, harder.  You know, shots really hurt bad.  You've got to hit me really hard.
Prince hits her again.
Princess:  OK that was better, you hit me hard, but I still think that the shot is going to hurt worse than that.
Thankfully, Prince didn't hit her anymore.  He was over that game since she actually wanted him to do it.

We get to the doctor's office, where my wonderful best friend is their nurse practitioner.  We see Dr. Aunt Best Friend, who informs me that Princess has an ear infection.  "She does?  She hasn't even complained of any ear aches!"  Always makes me feel like a great mom to learn that my kids are sick and I don't even know it.  So Dr. Aunt Best Friend writes the scripts for antibiotics, we talk for a minute and then she sends the nurse in to give the shots.  Prince was very brave.  He wanted to watch her give him the shot and refused to look away.  Princess was another story all together.  They get the shot in their leg, and as I tried to lay her back on the table she began to scream this blood curdling scream that I'm sure could be heard around the block.  She stopped screaming when the shot went in.  She is such a Drama Mama.  UGH!  Anywho, they have had their flu shots and Hubby's had his.  Mine will be next week and then we are all good. 
Get your flu shot, everyone!  That little pinch is worth not getting the flu!


  1. Here's the deal with us and the flu shot...we ALWAYS get the flu, shot or not. In fact, we have actually gotten the flu FROM the shot. Go figure.

    I think my family is strange, odd, and out of luck.

    We have also gotten chicken poxs from the shot, rubella from the shot, and fevers up the scale from shots.

    We get our shots...most of them...but we sure don't like them.

  2. Such a girl thing ;) Alex is totally drama about shots as well.

    Hope you have an uneventful flu season!

  3. Oh, the drama with shots! My older girls have graduated to some sort of a mist, which makes life much easier! :)