Thursday, September 30, 2010

Space: The Final Frontier

Last weekend was Family Day at Kennedy Space Center.  As a Booster Brat, I have grown up going to these, but this one was somehow different.  It was different because this was the last time we'd be out there while the Space Shuttle is in flight.  I don't really remember life before the Space Shuttle.  When it first flew, I was quite small and growing up around it, I have always taken it for granted. 

Prince and Princess met Astronaut Chris Ferguson.  He was so great to talk to.
 Prince wants to be an astronaut when he grows up.  He enjoyed interviewing Mr. Ferguson about what it is like to go into space. 
 Here we are in front of the VAB. (Vehicle Assembly Building)  My Grandaddy worked in this building many years ago.  Whenever I walk through those doors, I am in awe of how huge this building is!  I also get sentimental thinking of the generations that have worked side by side through the years on the different launch vehicles. 
 This is me, my Mema, Prince, my Mom, and Princess in NASA's Headquarters Building. 

 Princess pretends to be the Public Affairs Officer in the Firing Room.  What she really wanted to be was the Launch Director and push the button to launch the shuttle! 
 Princess and Prince explore parts from the wheels of the Space Shuttle. 
Thousands of families have spent their lives involved in the space program.  Generations of engineers, technicians, support personnel have worked together as a giant family and taken great pride in being on the cutting edge of new scientific discoveries.  My family has been a part of this important work.  Grandfathers on both sides, parents, aunts and uncles, brother-in-law...and it's coming to an end soon.  We are all grieving the end of manned space flight with no other plan on the horizon.  Tomorrow about a thousand people will be laid off from their jobs.  Thankfully, my family members are able to keep their jobs, but there are many families who won't be so lucky.  Please pray as our community goes through a huge and traumatic transition.  We don't know what the future holds for our area, but we are hopeful that our government will realize the value of manned space flight and perhaps Prince really will be able to become an astronaut when he grows up.

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