Thursday, September 2, 2010

Sweet Moments with the Prince

This morning I received a call from Prince's school saying that he was in the office throwing up and I needed to come and get him.  So I left work to pick him up and entered the office expecting to see a pitiful little boy that needed to go home.  He wasn't exactly pitiful, but I could tell he didn't have a lot of bounce in his step.  I brought him home for a little TLC and attention from Mommy.  After we were home for about 20 minutes he began running up and down the hall and making laps around the house with his toys.  Since he was better, I took him to work with me and let him hang out in my office.  I didn't want his sick day to be too fun at home, because I don't want him getting any ideas about faking sick in kindergarten.  He has plenty of time for that.   Plus, I had some work I needed to do.  After he had entertained himself for a bit, he crawled up in my lap and gave me some lovin's.  The following precious conversation took place:
Prince: Mommy, I want a baby.
Me: You're too young to have a baby.  Where will this baby come from?
Prince: I know, but when I grow up I'm gonna find me a sweet, pretty thang to marry and she'll have a baby.
Me: Oh.
Prince: But do you know who my sweetest, prettiest thang is?
Me: No, who?
Prince: It's you, Mommy.
And with that, he could have whatever he wanted for the rest of the day, or for the rest of his life for that matter.  Moments like that melt my heart.

Poor Princess had to stick it out at school today.  I hope she had a good day.  Perhaps some Mommy time for her will be in order when she gets home.  Heck, maybe even a Sonic slushee run during happy hour.  Holla!

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  1. Melt my heart...there is nothing sweeter than moment like that with our babies. Your Prince sounds like a REAL Prince.