Thursday, September 23, 2010

We've Got Spirit

This week is Spirit Week at Princess and Prince's school. This means they don't have to wear uniforms this week. Prince is pretty go with the flow as far as what he wears, although he doesn't particularly like to go all wild and crazy. Princess, on the other hand, is very particular about what she wears. Monday was Tacky Day. As I woke Princess up I said, "Let's find something tacky for you to wear," to which Princess responded, "Mommy, I don't own anything tacky!" How did I end up with such a little diva?!
Tuesday was "Camo Day." We didn't have any camo so last week I went to Wal-Mart and found camo shirts so they could participate. Tuesday morning, Prince got up and put on his clothes with no problem. Princess, however, saw the shirts and began to cry. This was followed by 20 minutes of: these clothes are ugly, I don't want to wear them. I could identify with how Princess feels, as I don't really like to dress silly either. The conversation that ensued was about how she didn't have to wear it, but if she didn't participate every day this week she wouldn't get a "NUT" coupon (no uniform today) for Friday.  I explained that this is just the beginning of having to jump through hoops to get what you want in life.  She finally decided to wear the camo shirt but was quite explicit that as soon as she got home she would take it right off. 

Yesterday was red, white, and blue day and it was also "See you at the pole" day.  The entire school met in the gym yesterday morning and it was such an uplifting time.  I was quite impressed that the middle school students led the assembly.  The children were divided into grade levels and older students were assigned to help facilitate prayer with the younger students.  It was amazing to see all of these children in guided corporate prayer.  These children are our future and I am so glad to see the Christian leadership at such a young age.  They were praying for each other, praying for their school, their principal and his leadership, praying for our country and president.  I was blessed to be able to stay and be a part of this special time.  (I had a homeroom mom meeting afterwards).

Well, we made it through Green and Gold day today and both children were awarded NUT coupons for tomorrow.  They are excited that they can choose what they want to wear to school tomorrow.  All in all, I'd say it's been a pretty good week!

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