Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Big God, Big Blessings

We serve a  big God.  There are so many reminders each day of how amazing He is, if only we will take them in.  I want to share a few of the reminders I have noticed in the last few days.
God made this beautiful beach.  The waves are so powerful and big yet...

He also made these delicate shells and He knows how many grains of sand are on this beach.

God made Prince's feet that are growing bigger by the day.  They started out as tiny little baby feet and look at them now!  These feet carry Jesus with him wherever he goes. 

God gave me not one, but TWO miracle children to love and to teach them about God's love for all of us.  I still can't fully understand God's love for us, but having children has brought me closer to that idea of unconditional love.

Speaking of unconditional love, God has given me a soul mate to share this life with me.  He's my partner in crime and my partner in life.  I know how much he loves me because every year on Black Friday he braves the stores and the maddening crowds "just for the fun of it" with me.  This relationship is truly a gift from God, He ordained it years ago and He knew even before I did, who my sweet Hubby would be.

My sweet sister.  God gave me this sister to grow up and old with.  We are forever connected with a bond that has so connected our hearts and lives, we often know when one is hurting, even though we aren't together.  We've always been that way.  The truth of the matter is that at times we drive each other totally insane, mostly because we have such different personalities.  But there is no relationship like that of a sister.  You can be at odds one minute, but then if you need her, she's right there cheering you on.  My sister is one of the most loyal and giving people I know.  I'm so glad God gave me a sister.  Look at Sweet Cheeks, sitting on her lap.  How can you not know that God made those precious, kissable cheeks?!

Last night we went to the final roll out of Space Shuttle Discovery.  It was awesome.  Yes, I am quite aware that this machine was made by man, but I can't help but be awestruck when I think that it takes man into space to see the amazingly intricate universe God created. 

It is so tempting to get caught up in the hectic, busy day and not pay attention to my surroundings.  To really look, and appreciate those people and things that God has placed in my life because He loves me.  But when I look around and see it, really notice the people and things He has done for me, I am amazed.  I am amazed that He can love me so much.  Amazed at all He created.  Amazed and so in love with Him! 


  1. He is a BIG God! Love the pictures. They make me feel as if I am on vacation.

  2. I wish I could have watched the roll out with you.

    I hurts my heart to think of the Space shuttle's end. Will our kids get to dream of being astronauts?...ya know!!

  3. I wish you could have come too. If only you lived closer!
    It hurts me too, friend. Prince wants to be an astronaut when he grows up and he is very angry that shuttle is coming to an end and there isn't another vehicle in the works. He says he wants to fly right up to Washington and go to the White House and tell the president how wrong this is. Sweet boy, he sure is passionate about it. I tell him to keep working hard and that maybe there will be something by the time he's ready to go up. You should see his face and hear the questions when he talks to an astronaut. This Saturday is Family Day out there. I'll try to post some good pics.