Friday, September 9, 2011

A Belated Hodgepodge

It's not Wednesday, it's Friday and I can't believe how quickly this week has flown by.  I started my hodgepodge answers on Wednesday morning but have been so slammed this week, that I haven't had a chance to post.  So here are my belated hodgepodge answers.

1. What is one piece of advice you would give a 'just turning' 21- year old adult?
I like the line from John Lennon "Life is what happens to you when you're busy making other plans."  You can't plan everything that happens to you, so roll with the punches and enjoy the journey.  Wow ~ I wish I was that smart at 21 or heck even now at 36.  I'm a work in progress, what can I say?

2. Besides cooler weather (or warmer weather, depending on your hemisphere) what is one thing you are looking forward to this fall?
I'm looking forward to less humidity.  Also, I love all of the fun activities in the fall ~ the festivals, going on picnics, just enjoying the nicer weather outside.

3. What sound lulls you to sleep?
I love falling asleep to the sound of a thunderstorm or the beach waves.  Those are my two favorites and for a while Hubby was playing those relaxation CDs at bedtime and boy was it working.  I really don't have much trouble getting to sleep, as soon as I get still and my head hits the pillow, I'm out.  However, it is hard for me to stay asleep all night.

4. September is National Preparedness Month...does your family have an emergency 'kit' and/or disaster plan in place?
Yes, we have a hurricane kit but I think we probably need to check the supplies and be sure we have everything we need. 

5. How has your blog changed since you started blogging? Or has it?
I have learned to not put so much pressure on myself for topics, they come as they are ready to come.  I have also learned that some of my struggles, such as coming up with a title are the same struggles that others have as well.

6. What's something you've recently learned to do on the computer?
I can't think of something I have learned recently, but I want to learn how to do more photo editing.  There is so much about Photoshop that I don't know how to do yet.

7. Is a picture worth a thousand words? Elaborate.
Sometimes, although I tend to be a bit wordy and feel everything needs an explanation.  However, there are pictures that I think speak for themselves.

Just a couple of my favorites.

8. Insert your own random here.

It's been birthday week around our house.  My birthday was Tuesday and it was such a great day.  Princess had an orthodontist appointment for a consultation in another town and Hubby was taking the day off to go with us.  So we decided to take Prince out of school for the day and we all played hookie for my birthday.  We never do this, but we also know that every once in a while it is important to take family time and things worked out so we could.  After Princess' appointment, they took me to lunch at Olive Garden.
I had to take a picture with my babies.

This one was Princess' idea.  She wanted to show that she loves me.

When we got home, Hubby let me have some quiet time to myself.  He had gone to the grocery store and got ribeyes and potatoes for dinner.  He washed the china and set the table.

He spoils me and I love it.

We had butternut squash soup, which was so yummy!  It really put me in the mood for fall to be here.

The pretty flowers he bought me.

Candlelight dinner complete with champagne.

I can't get this picture to turn, but here's the cake...from delicious!

Hubby also did great in the gift department, but I won't go into all of that.  Just wanted to stop and recognize how incredibly blessed I am.  Hubby and the kids spoiled me and it felt good.  


  1. I didn't do the hodgepodge this week (been missing it a lot lately), but I love the questions from this one so I might have to do it even thought it's way late!

    Happy belated birthday! You do have a wonderful husband and great kids. Looked like a fantastic day!

  2. China, flowers, and champagne...well done hubs!