Tuesday, October 9, 2012

My Cute Kids

Things have been a bit busy lately.  I have been traveling a lot with church responsibilities which, when added to my other responsibilities has been a little busier than I like to be.  I've met a lot of wonderful people and learned so much ~ that part of it has been good.  What I haven't done though is get any rest on the weekends due to the travel.

God knows my heart and He knows I'm a little weary this week.  I think He also knows I need to laugh a little more.  This is why he gave me two adorable children who say funny things.  So please indulge me while I share a little about the kiddos...

Saturday morning, while I was away at a training, Hubby got up and decided to order bagels for breakfast.  He asked Prince what he wanted and he said a sausage, egg and cheese bagel.  Upon asking Princess what she wanted, she said the same thing.  So Hubby, knowing that Prince is a big eater asked Prince, "Can you share half of the bagel with your sister?"  Prince says yes that will be fine.  Hubby thought "Wow, that was easier than I thought it would be." Prince then says, "Dad, I'll eat half of a bagel but I want 2 halves."  Hubby says, "So you want a whole bagel."  Prince says, "Yes, 2 halves please.  I don't mind sharing with my sister, but I want 2 halves." 

Prince is on the countdown.  He's counting the number of days until Halloween, the number of days until Angry Birds Star Wars comes out, the number of days until fall is over and winter begins, the number of days until our trip to the mountains.  He is keeping track and reminds me each day.  I wish those were the biggest things on my mind.  I love that they are the big things on his mind. 

Princess is sweet and funny and wants to grow up too quickly.  She is taking on more responsibility in trying to help me with chores around the house and I so appreciate her willingness to help.  She wants to spend time with me and I love laying in her bed and listening to her read Little House in the Big Woods to me.  We are almost finished with this book and I am enjoying re-living my favorite childhood stories through her eyes. 

This morning on the way to school Prince and Princess were talking about our extended family, more specifically we were talking about how my Mema and their Great-Granny are the matriarchs of each side of the family.  Prince was trying to figure out how it all fit together and Princess asked me what her Papa's middle name is. (Papa is Hubby's dad)  So I told Princess that Papa's middle name is Rutland.  I explained that this was Great-Granny's last name before she got married.  Princess then says, "Mommy, can you believe I have been in this family for 8 years and I never knew that?!  Daddy didn't tell me that."  I couldn't help but laugh.  I said, "No Princess, I can't believe you never knew that."  In all of her 8 years of life she feels like she should just know everything. 

I love these sweet kids and they are just growing up too fast! 

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  1. They are cute indeed. That is funny about the halves.