Tuesday, June 21, 2011

An Evening with the Queen

This week I am celebrating old friendships that have been rekindled...well, one friendship in particular.  Last night I got to catch up with The Queen of Brussels Sprouts.  We haven't seen each other in probably 15 years and it was so much fun to meet at our old hangout, eat a piece of pie, and just enjoy each other's company.  Queen and I spent a lot of time together in high school and were roommates for a semester in college.  Fun fact: Queen and I went to prom with two of our guy friends.  These guys also happened to be Hubby's best friends.  We may or may not have seen Hubby and his date arriving at Olive Garden as we were leaving and we may or may not have toilet papered Hubby's car out in the parking lot. 

Queen and her family are about to move to Alaska and have come home for a visit before the Army takes them 4 time zones away (I think it's 4) from here.  We only had a couple of hours together and then these two mamas were about to fall asleep while talking.  We have discovered that we can't stay up until all hours talking like we used to.  By 10:00 we were yawning and starting to lose steam and then by 10:30 we had to give it up and part ways.  I wish I had gotten our server to take our picture together, but we were so busy catching up that I forgot.  However, I have the snapshot of my long lost friend and our visit together in my mind.  I am so glad that we have reconnected through our blogs and emails and that we finally got to see each other in person after all of those years.
If you get a chance, stop by Queen's Blog and say hi.  She has a great way of "fiddling with" recipes to make them more healthy.  I know that as soon as they get settled in Alaska there she will share more wonderful recipes!

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  1. Isn't it great to catch up with old friends? And how lovely you were able to spend even just a few hours together just like the old nights...if not the late nights.

    BTW, as 1/2 of the other couple dining with your hubs that night, I can definitively say that nothing got in the way of me getting to the prom dance after dinner. Toilet paper or no toilet paper! Bahahahaha.