Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Wednesday Hodge Podge

It's Wednesday Hodge Podge time again!  I took last Wednesday off.  I started answering the questions and then I got extremely busy and by the time I thought about posting them it was Friday.  So I opted not to post last week.  If you would like to join in the Wednesday Hodgepodge, link up HERE with Joyce.

1. Have you ever been to the US capital-Washington DC? If so, what's your favorite site? If not, what would you most like to see on a visit to that city someday in the future? Is it even on your list of places to visit?

I have been to DC twice ~ the first time was the summer before 7th grade and the last time was my senior year of high school.  Fun fact: The last time I was in DC was on a band trip with The Queen of Brussels Sprouts.  Boy was that a fun trip! 

Queen is on the far left and I am standing next to her.  I think we were at Mt. Vernon in this picture.  I'm not sure why you can't see more scenery to tell where we were.
I really want to go back, as Hubby and I love all things American History and it has been so long since I have been there. 
2. When did you last attend a wedding? Are there any weddings on your summer calendar? Were you a summer bride? If you're single, is summer the season of your dream wedding?
The last wedding I attended was a little over a year ago.  I don't have any weddings coming up either.  I did not get married in the summer...we were married in March.  Summer is too hot in Florida to get're sweating bullets.

3. What is your favorite way to eat strawberries?
I just like to pull off the green stems and eat them fresh and plain.  They are so good and sweet ~ nothing else is needed!
4. What is one thing you are especially looking forward to this summer?
Our week-long beach vacation in July.  Can't wait! 
5. Do you use/like the self checker at the grocery store?
I do like to use the self checker at the store sometimes.  Hubby hates the things and won't go near them unless there isn't a choice.  My regular grocery store does not have a self check-out lane and that's fine because the cashiers are so friendly.  However, the two or three times a year I go to Wal-Mart I usually end up at the self check-out.  I think it is so annoying when it tells you to place your item in the bagging area and it's already there but the sensor doesn't detect it or else it doesn't need a bag but the machine still freaks out. 
6. Share a favorite piece of common sense advice.
Don't bite off more than you can chew.  I'm still working on taking my own advice, by the way!
7. Barefoot, flip flops, tennis shoes, sassy sandals-your first choice for summertime?
Barefoot ~ it's such a freeing feeling!

8. Insert your own random thought here.
I have been doing lots of summer reading and I love it!  I am always reading something, but in the summer I have more time and I tend to really devour books.  I'm currently reading two books, Heaven is for Real, and The Promise of an Angel. 
Also, I watched the episode of Cake Boss when he came to the Space Center and did the shuttle cake.  In one scene I could pause and see Hubby, the kids, my Mema and me sitting in the audience.  You had to know where to look though and even then it was so quick that I had to rewind and pause to see it.  It was exciting knowing that I was there though.


  1. We'll be at a wedding in Houston in July. I'm guessing we'll be sweating bullets there too! The cake is awesome-I didn't see that episode.

  2. I want to go to the beach. Have fun.. I love cake boss.. I am amazed at what he can do with them..

  3. I'm with you on the self checkouts "barking" at you. Drives me insane! Cake Boss is the show I watch when I iron and I love it. Just so amazing to watch them create the cakes.

    Blessings to you for a joy filled weekend!