Thursday, July 14, 2011

A Birthday Poem

Seven years ago today
You surprised your daddy and me.
When you came into our lives
Seven weeks early.

What God had planned,
We never could have guessed
That we'd have twin babies,
We are doubly blessed.

You made your appearance
So tiny and small
Who would have thought
You would grow to be so tall?

A precious princess girl
And a handsome, strong boy
God's miracle babies,
You bring us such joy!

The strong bond you both share
We just don't understand
Your secret little language
How you take each other's hand

You comfort one another
In ways that we cannot
A look, a word, just holding hands
It's special what you've got.

At night when you are sleeping
We love to peek at you
To try to guess what you are dreaming
And to steal a kiss or two.

We want you to know
You're so special to us
We are proud to be your parents
Even when we fuss.

We pray that as you grow up
You will grow in wisdom too,
With hearts full of love for Jesus
And know how much He loves you!

Happy Birthday to Princess and Prince!
Love you Forever,

1 comment:

  1. They really are precious. Ro, you are so lucky. XOXO