Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Summer's Last Hurrah

This has been a very busy summer. I thought I would have all of this time to think and write and reflect and it has not happened. School starts in two weeks and I don't feel ready. We had the twins' six-year-old pictures taken last week. Here are a few of them...

Isn't Prince so handsome? He looks a lot like Hubby did as a child. I love this little GQ look.

Little Miss Princess loves to get dressed up! She looks like a big kid in this picture, not like my sweet baby.
This picture is worth a thousand words. It shows the relationship between the two of them and the mischief they can get into and all of the fun they have together.

Last weekend we took the kiddos to Disney for one last hurrah before school starts.
This was taken right before they made me sick on the Teacups. (Insert vomit sound now) Not really, but they are finally to the age where they can make the cups spin by themselves and they think it is such great fun. I'm always the sucker that goes on with them because Hubby has great difficulty with anything that spins and would be sick for the rest of the day. So I take one for the team and let them spin me right round, baby.

It was a great time and surprisingly, there were not a lot of people there. We went to three of the four parks and did not wait in a line any longer than 10 minutes. That Friday night as we tucked the kids into bed, Prince went to sleep pretty quickly, but Princess was so excited to be in the hotel that she just couldn't sleep. She talked non-stop (which is nothing new really) and she just couldn't be still. Then she did the most precious thing...she climbed over her brother and got out of the bed, then she got on her knees and prayed over her brother. She thanked God for giving her Prince for a brother and then prayed for his that he would have a good night's sleep with good dreams and that he would have a great time at Disney. How is it that God gave me such precious children? Their hearts for God at such a young age amaze me and make my heart warm.

Yesterday I took the twins to buy their kindergarten school supplies. We have had a tough time deciding what to do about our childrens' schooling for this next year. We were trying to send them to a school other than the one we are zoned for, due to personal reasons. This has been a complicated process and we've been on hold with this since mid-May. I have called the private schools in our area and even considered homeschooling them. The thing is, we live in one of the top 50 school districts in the nation, so we felt it was a shame not to send them to public school. Monday evening we got the news that we had finally been approved to go to the school we requested. Thank goodness! I am excited about the kindergarten team at their new school, but I am already feeling emotional about all of this. I told Hubby to clear his calendar for the first day of school, because I'm gonna need his help to get through the day.

Today I read an uplifting blog post that most mommies need. Click here to read Ostriches Look Funny and Other Observations. I know I really needed to see that other moms have the same struggles as me.


  1. why thanks for mentioning me. I have to say that your blog title made me chuckle. I'm a wannabe. One time my husband and I were talking about Prov 31 and he was like, "Yeah, she even chops wood for her family...."

    and I was like, "No.'

    So, it's good to know exactly where your standards should lie right? I love that passage. Good. Stuff.

  2. JoAnn, Your blog title made me laugh too! And I could really identify with what you wrote. Thanks for your honesty and insight. Looking forward to reading more!