Tuesday, July 20, 2010

They Ate Mammoths?!

Sunday afternoon, as is our custom, Hubby and I were talking to the twins about what they learned about in Sunday School. Princess said, "There were these people from the Bible and they ate mammoths!" While she was talking, I was searching my brain for a story about mammoths in the Bible and couldn't figure out what in the world she was talking about.

Me: Mammoths? You mean wooly mammoths like in the Ice Age movie?

Princess: Yes, they ate mammoths and then tried to save them but God didn't like it.

Me: Tell me more about the story.

Princess: The mammoths were falling from the sky and the people were eating it and they tried to save the leftovers but God said no.

Me: Oh! You mean MANNA!

Princess: Yeah, I guess it was manna. They ate it and God told them not to save the leftovers but to wait for him to give them food for each day. Then people tried to save it and eat the leftovers but they turned rotten so they couldn't eat it.

Well, at least she got most of the story right. Mammoth, Manna...in her mind it was all the same.

A few minutes later, the phone rang and it was one of the Sunday School teachers. She wanted to talk to me about something Prince said in Sunday School that day. She continues to tell me that during the singing time he says to her, "How do I give my heart to Jesus? I can't take it out and give it to him." As he's asking this, he's pointing to his chest. His sweet teacher said that she tried to explain to him that it doesn't mean his heart in his body, but that Jesus loves him so much and that He wants us love Him with all that we are. She was calling to tell me because at the the time Prince was asking, there was a lot going on and she felt she couldn't explain it in as much detail as she would like, so she wanted for me to know so I could talk to him about it more. I am so glad my kids are paying in attention in Sunday School. I must say that these dear sweeties are keeping me on my toes.

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  1. We had the same Sunday school lesson last week!

    That did indeed make me laugh.Princess is adorable.

    What a sweet heart, literally, your Prince has. How special!