Thursday, August 19, 2010

My Bible

I love my i-phone.  Hubby bought it for me this summer and I love all of the information that is at my fingertips any time I want it.  I can check email, facebook, the news, get directions...Technology is a wonderful thing.  One of my favorite apps is a Bible that I have put on my phone.  It really comes in handy if I need to look up a verse and I don't have my Bible nearby.  On Sunday mornings I can follow along with Pastor on my phone and then I can take notes right there on my phone and flag the scripture that goes with it.  I love that it is all right there at my fingertips and I don't have scraps of paper to try to file, or papers hanging out of my Bible with little scribbles of ideas but don't know what to do with them.  But this morning, I pulled out my actual Bible.  The first Christmas after we were married Hubby gave me a navy blue leatherbound Bible with my name stamped on the front.  As I open the pages, I see notes I have scribbled on its pages, bent corners, an inscription Hubby wrote when he gave it to me...all of these are precious to me.  I love the feel of my Bible.  It has seen me through a lot of hard times and has been a constant in my life as I grow in Christ.  I love to read the notes and think of what I was learning at this time or another.  I love the feel of the pages, the crinkle sound they make as I turn to another page.  There's just something familiar and comforting about my Bible.  Technology is constantly changing and it makes our lives easier and more efficient but some things never change.  While it is convenient for me to use my iphone to organize thoughts and notes, that phone will never replace my Bible.  As I sat this morning in prayer, I had my Bible on my lap and I thanked God for this special, living book that carries His words to me each and every day.


  1. Let me try this one more time...I tried to post a comment, but realized Hubby was signed in...

    The EXACT thing happened to me this morning. Talk about goosebumps when I read your post! Really, I usually do my devotions online. I didn't feel like turning on the computer this morning, so I pulled out my old Bible. I had the same overwhemlimg emotions hit me as you did.

    That is just to much of a co-inky-dink, I tell ya!

  2. God is amazing isn't He?! It seems that lately it isn't enough for Him to just tell me something once. He keeps hitting me over the head with things by telling not only me, but everyone around me.

  3. I like my different Bibles for different reasons and someone would have a great look at my soul and inner workings if they put them all together and read the scribbles, underlines and notes. I love my Biblezine as much as the pocketsize NT I keep in my purse. I am starting to think about a (gulp) Bible for my phone, but I hadn't really thought of using it the way you mentioned because I'm not techno savvy. I'm glad you mentioned making notes during the sermon on it.