Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Ode to the Busy Mom

There are mountains of laundry that need done today.

We have clean clothes, but they aren't put away.

The dishes are done, but more are being dirtied.

I wish things in my life weren't so hurried.

The kids are whining, they need that, they need this

I've got tons of deadlines, none of which I can miss.

The kids are going to kindergarten this year

And I have already started with the tears.

Hubby says, "You're gonna cry for the next ten days?

'Till they start? You're gonna make me crazy."

Did I mention that all this has made me sick?

Baby fever it is...and it needs to go away quick!

I've got too much to do and not enough hands

To meet all of this Mommy's demands.

"Help me, Lord!" is all I can pray,

"Please help me to make it through this day,

Without screaming or pulling out my hair.

Help me to be patient with these blessings in my care."

I need more energy, more Diet Coke!

It may sound funny, but that's no joke.

It fuels my body, helps get me in gear.

Now I just need to persevere.

To get it all done, that's the goal,

But there's just too much, am I getting too old?

Focus now, what are the important things?

The beauty that each new day brings,

My children and their sweet, sticky faces,

The fingerprints they leave are just traces

and reminders of how fast they are growing!

I need a pause button, but they just keep going.

I need more time, more time to enjoy

These precious gifts, a girl and a boy.

The pressures and demands will always be.

But my children will grow up and I'll wish I could see,

Those tiny miracles that sat in my lap

For books to be read and kisses and naps.

My new goal for this day is to MAKE the time

To soak in the kisses and hugs without guilt, there's no crime

In taking the time to enjoy God's blessings.

My house is a mess, I am now confessing.

So off I go now to enjoy and to love

My two little blessings sent from Above!


  1. Adorable! and the line about clean clothes, just not put away...that is SO me!

  2. True THAT...all of it. I would never want a house that wasn't becoming sticky, or dishes that weren't getting used because that would mean my pumpkins had outgrown our home. When I really need to do something that well stay finished for a bit I leave the house...and MOW.

  3. I am always looking for my pause button.