Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Call from School

The other day about lunch time, I received a phone call from Prince's teacher.  She informed me that he had to move his car to yellow light for something he did in the lunch room, but that he wouldn't calm down and stop crying to now complete his work.  She asked if I would talk to him.
Prince gets on the phone and is clearly upset.  Here's the conversation that took place:
Me: What happened?
Prince: I got in trouble for spitting through a straw at lunch.
Me: Why would you do that?
Prince: I didn't want the spit in my mouth.  (I will never understand why boys do the things they do and how they think!)
Me:  OK well that's gross and we'll talk about it when we get home, but right now you have got to suck it up, deal with it and do your work.
Prince: OK Mom.  I remember you told me before "I can do all things through Jesus Christ.  He makes me strong."
Me: That's right, you can.  So ask Jesus to help you pull it together and get your work done.
Prince: OK Mom.

Shortly after we hung up, I was with our pastor, relaying this story to him.  He chuckled and said, "I can hear his prayer now.  'Dear Jesus, please help me to suck it up and deal with it so I can get my work done.'"

Sometimes that needs to be my prayer too...Dear Lord, please help me to suck it up and deal with it and move on to the next thing.

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