Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas Excitement

While everyone has been blogging about their Christmas and doing the recap, we have continued to have more Christmas.  We left after church on Sunday to go to my in-laws' house, about 4 hours away to do Christmas Part 2.  It has been a fun-filled exciting Christmas week, let me tell you!  So I'll hit the highlights.
Christmas Eve we worshipped together as a family.  We made it through the service, although with five little ones sitting all together, there was more noise and chaos than I would have liked.  I found it quite ironic as we lit our candles and sang "Silent Night" at the end of the service that it had been anything but a silent night for us, and the hectic hustle and bustle to get us all there and trying to make the children behave in church had the parents anything but calm and peaceful.  That's just the way it goes with little ones who are so excited about Christmas they can't stand it. 

Just the 4 of us after Christmas Eve service

Hubby reads "The Night Before Christmas"
Our children were so excited that they literally could not sleep.  Hubby and I finally got to sleep after 11:00 and our precious angels got us up at 5:30. It was a short night, but Santa came! 

Princess was very excited that Santa brought her the walking dog she wanted.

It was a Toy Story Christmas for Prince.  He loves his new Buzz Lightyear.

After opening presents at home, we went to my parents' house to eat breakfast and open more presents. 
This was pretty much our morning.  Happy kiddos opening, opening, opening...  Grandma and Grandaddy may have gone a little overboard.  Eating, visitng, and more eating commenced. 

Sunday after church, we packed up the car and headed to the in-laws'.  While we were there we...
had Christmas Part 2.  More opening and more eating.

Visited with Great-Granny.  This is Hubby's Granny.
Picked Cotton

Found a deer skull
I was thrilled with this find ~ NOT!  Prince carried this thing all the way home with us.  It is still in the back of the car, as I'm not so sure I want it in the house.  Prince asked his Great Aunt and Uncle, who were with him when he found it if they were paleontologists.  He has added that to his list of "What I want to be when I grow up."  It's right up there with astronaut, President of the United States, and Vice President of a University (like Daddy)

We also watched old home movies that belong to Hubby's Uncle and Aunt.  This is Uncle G getting it all set up.  This was great fun.  Also not pictured, we gathered around the piano and sang Christmas carols.  I'm not sure that we are ready to take it on the road yet, but we didn't sound too bad with our four part harmony. 
Hubby celebrated his birthday a couple of days early with his side of the family.

Last night we finally arrived home and unpacked the car.  We had a great Christmas.  As I end the Christmas portion of this blog, allow me to say that we are truly blessed to have the love and support of our family.  Hubby and I have been blessed to grow up in Christian homes with traditions that have been passed on, as well as new traditions that are made each year.

One would think that you couldn't pack any more fun and excitement into a week, right?  Well you would be wrong, for today is Hubby's birthday! 
Happy Birthday Hubby!

This is what Hubby looked like when I first met him in 7th grade:

Wasn't he a cutie?
Anywho, today was a day to celebrate my Awesome Hubby.  See how awesome he is?  I even got him a shirt to remind everyone!
His birthday was complete with a Doctor Who TARDIS birthday cake.  If you don't know what that is, it's British Sci-Fi and I didn't know what it was until I married this Awesome man.  My amazing parents cooked Hubby's birthday dinner and hosted his party at their house.  They then entertained all 5 of their grandchildren so we could play Rock Band on the Wii.  My sister, bro-in-law, Hubby and I rocked out.
I am an amazing drummer ~ NOT!
I really got into it though.  Maybe I should borrow Hubby's Awesomeness shirt and then I can be as awesome as he is!  Just a thought.

Hubby really got into it too.  He knows a lot more of the songs than I do.

And now as I sit here and type this, Hubby is watching his new Star Trek DVD's with special effects and I am realizing that it is past midnight already so it isn't even his birthday anymore.  That being said, I will continue to celebrate this wonderful man, his birth, and the role he plays in my life.  God sent me a help meet and a soul mate and I love him dearly.  Happy birthday Hubby!

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