Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas Portraits

Indulge me if you will, these are the Christmas portraits we had taken for our Christmas cards this year.

We used three pictures on the Christmas card.  This was one of them.

This was the second picture on the card.

I love that Prince looks like a little man in this picture.

My little Princess.  She knows just how to pose.

This was the third picture on the card.  Hubby and I haven't had a portrait made together for a while.


  1. You all look so fantastic...and so grown up! ;) No more house tp-ing for us.

  2. Thanks! No, I don't guess we'll be doing anymore of that. Which reminds me, I saw DA at the Christmas parade. He's still doing the same thing...he looked shocked to see me with kids. His reaction once he recognized me was quite funny.