Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

 Happy New Year!  We had a wild and wooly New Year's Eve at home with the kids last night.  We were supposed to go to a party, but Princess wasn't feeling well earlier in the day, so we made it a night in, which is how we have celebrated New Year's since the arrival of our miracle babies 6 years ago.  We ate appetizers for dinner and played the Wii.  Grandma and Grandaddy showed up to help ring in the new year.  We played Uno and Old Maid with the kids.  Can you believe that Hubby has never played Old Maid?!  He's never even heard of the game!  Guess who was the Old Maid ~ it was me!  The kids thought that quite funny.  The adults drank champagne while the kids had sparkling grape juice.  It was truly a fun evening.
This is the first year my kids have made it to midnight without falling asleep.  (Last year Princess made it until 11:45 and fell fast asleep and I couldn't wake her up.  I kid you not.) 

This year Prince started fading around 11:30 but I got him up and moving so he could stay awake.  (My dad on the other hand, did not make it to midnight.  He walked home and put himself to bed earlier in the evening.) 

As the ball dropped, Prince and Princess were so excited. 

They held up their glasses to toast in the new year with us and hooped and hollered. 

Princess had me get out some pots and wooden spoons for them to beat on and yell Happy New Year with.  My Nanny and Poppop used to do that when I was a little girl and Princess loves that story so much, she says that's what you are supposed to do on New Year's.  So they banged on the pots and pans and yelled.  When I had all of the noise I could take (about 1 minute's worth) I started packing up the pots and spoons and both kids were like, "What?!  That's it?!  That's the big deal about New Year's?  What else do we do?"  Well, now that we've seen the New Year in, we go to bed.  And with that, we tucked the kids in and everyone went to sleep.
Happy New Year, everyone!  I pray the coming year brings abundant blessings in your lives.  I'm still working on my resolutions and will post soon.

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  1. Sounds like you had a great time. I love your Christmas pics and your New Year's Eve recap and you resolution list.

    Paula - from La La Land