Monday, January 10, 2011

Are There Playgrounds in Heaven?

Last night as Hubby and I were making dinner, Prince came in and announced, "I don't want to die.  I don't want to go to heaven."
Hubby: Well, you aren't going to die any time soon, but why do you say you don't want to go to heaven?
Prince: I don't think they have playgrounds in heaven.
Me:  Well, I've never been to heaven but I'll bet it's a great place to be and there must be fun things to do there.
Prince: I don't think so.
Hubby: Well, what do you think heaven is like?
Prince:  I think people just stand around and pray to God all day.  All you get to do is pray, pray, pray and you don't get to play on the playground.
I somehow think that the God who said, "Permit the children to come unto me," will have something fun for the child in all of us when we get to heaven. 
Princess wants to know if her vanity and her toys will be in heaven.  A while back she kept saying that she was afraid she was going to die and not see us again.  I quoted the scripture to her that Jesus says he is going to prepare a place for us and that he will come back for us some day, but not until it is time.  I explained to her that Jesus had to go get her room ready in heaven and he won't come back until he has everything ready for her. 
Children think so literally and mine have so many questions that I can't answer.  Sometimes they really test me to the point that I have to really think about what I believe about things before I can offer an answer or explanation for their questions.  They really stretch me!  I am constantly picking Pastor's brain to be sure my explanations make sense and are theologically sound. 
Back to the discussion of heaven, it is fun to think about what it will be like, all of us together praising God in one voice, no division over doctrine or denomination. 
I also think we will have fun.  I love this picture of Jesus laughing.  It reminds me that God does have a sense of humor.


  1. Funny timing-- I just started reading the book Heaven by Randy Alcorn.
    Very interesting! I'm only about a quarter of the way into it, but I like it already.
    It's changed the way I imagine heaven to be, and helping me to dig through some scripture that I haven't understood in the past.

  2. Thanks for telling me about the book. I'll have to check it out. Maybe it will help with some of these questions from the kids.