Saturday, January 22, 2011

Princess Pampers Mommy

Friday night after dinner, I was called into Princess' room for a surprise.  She then led me into the family room where she informed in a fake French accent that she was giving me a surprise spa treatment.  I said, "I didn't know you could parlez-vous the francais."  To which she replied, "Yes, I do parlez-vous francais.  What does that mean?"  When I told her that it meant that she could speak French, she said in her cute little accent, "Yes, I can speak francais and other languages too.  Do I really sound like I'm from France?"

She draped a blanket over my front for an apron and went to work as she put purple sparkle eye shadow and light purple lipstick on me.  She then went to work on my hair, putting lots of pretty bows in my hair.
After my hair was finished, Princess decided she needed to use her brother's pretend razor to shave my legs.  It was most lovely.
It was a fun filled evening and I have to admit that although I was initially just playing along to make Princess happy, I did feel pampered...just in a different way.  My sweet Princess was trying to please me and shower me with attention.  It was such a sweet gesture and she wanted nothing in return.  She even told me that when she grows up she is going to own a spa and that she will tell all of the people that work there to let me and my friends come for free.

It was fantastic quality time and I can't wait for our next spa night together.  Perhaps next time I will pamper her.


  1. What a fun moment with your daughter! You get makeovers and french conversation. I get to discuss toe hair.

  2. Yeah, I had to laugh as I read your post this morning.