Friday, January 21, 2011

It' Been One of Those Weeks

It's been one of those weeks...
1.  Hubby has pneumonia.  He has been home from work all week, between the bed and the couch.  I've been waiting on him and trying to nurse him back to health.  It's times like this that I realize how great of a team we are because...
2.  I have had to do baths, homework, bedtime routine by myself all week.  This gets really hectic, as you can imagine.  He usually helps me with this so we can get it all done quicker and since we have our routine down, it's a lot easier.  I don't know how single parents do this by themselves.
3.  I have been exhausted after putting the kids to bed (even more than usual) because of the above.
4.  I couldn't get my scanner at my office to work right so I brought home my lesson for Family Chapel and scanned it at home.  I thought I had it all scanned right here, but when I got to work the day I needed them, all of the pictures were not there.  So I had to wing it.  I don't like having to wing it when I'm speaking in front of a group.
5.  It poured rain all day today.
6.  Princess cried when I dropped her off at school this morning because she was nervous about her spelling test.  I prayed with her outside of her classroom, but still felt bad leaving her.
7.  The twins and I stepped in ankle deep water on the way in to their karate lesson.
8.  When we got home from karate, Hubby informed me that he had been called with a work issue and has spent most of the evening on the phone trying to get more information. 

Yep, it's been one of those weeks.  Nothing has gone according to plan.  I don't like it when things don't go according to plan.  I could have let this really get me down and I might have if I'd have wallowed in it and felt sorry for myself.  However, that isn't what happened.  This week I have been happy, lighthearted even.  As I was driving down the road in the rain, singing by myself this afternoon, I realized that all of these things that would have normally had me in a rotten mood weren't bothering me.  Want to know why?  I did.  I stopped to think about what the difference was and I figured it out.  My heart has been in a spirit of worship this week.  I have been thinking of all that I have to be thankful for.  I have been listening to and singing praise music.  My prayers have been ones of praise, what an awesome and mighty God we serve.  The focus hasn't been on me, but on Him.  It isn't about me or anything I could ever do, but about Him, Who He is and what He's done.  It's funny how my perspective changes when I'm not focused on me. 

It reminds me of when Jesus walked on the water.  He called Peter out of the boat and at first Peter's eyes were on Jesus and he was doing just fine, but the minute Peter took his eyes off of Jesus, he began to sink.  It's like we don't always trust that God's got it all under control. 

I have also thought about the movie "Facing the Giants." Sometimes it's just a matter of my attitude.  I love the part in the movie when the coach says, "If we win, we're gonna praise Him.  If we lose, we're still gonna praise Him."  In life, sometimes we win and sometimes we feel like we are losing, but if we praise Him regardless of our circumstances, He can change our hearts and our minds and help us to realize that the little inconveniences or roadblocks we face in life are just that ~ small things in the scheme of life.

So tonight as I sit and watch a movie with Prince and Princess, I choose to be happy.  I am happy that Hubby has been able to finish his work and join us, happy that I am safe in my home with the people I love the most.  I can see God shining His light on me from behind the dark clouds and I'll praise Him, the God that has blessed me beyond measure. 


  1. I wish I could bring over some soup!

  2. Me too! I know it would be really yummy! Virtual soup is almost as good because I can feel the love. Thanks!

  3. I'm totally in the same boat- I had this same kind of day yesterday. Some really frustrating things have been going on lately but I'm choosing to make the best of it all. I was a small group leader at this really awesome youth retreat last weekend and I was reminded that we should love everyone (even those who do us wrong...which I've been struggling with lately) and Jesus is always there when we need Him. Just thought I'd share!

  4. Holl, I am so proud of you. Hang in there kiddo! You can call me any time you need to talk. Love you!

  5. that's my favorite quote from facing the giants too! I think about that all the time. I try to instill that in my children...