Saturday, June 26, 2010

Chaotic Conversations and Messy Rooms

When I look at my life with these two precious children, I sometimes find it quite hilarious. This has been a funny and crazy week.

A few examples:
The other day my sister and I decided to go to Sam's Club together with our lovely children. Add to my twin 5 year olds, her 3 boys ages 5, 3, and 1. Good times. I had the Prince and middle nephew in my buggy and she took Princess, and her oldest and youngest in her buggy. The two in my buggy sounded like this, "Aunt Ro, know what Aunt Ro? I like to go to the Hampton Dinn. We used to stay there but we don't anymore. Do you like the Hampton Dinn? I wish we would go back there. Hey, look at that trampoline. I like trampolines. I wish I had that trampoline. See that beach umbrella? We don't have one. Miss B shared her umbrella when we go to the beach." Simultaneously, Prince was saying, "Don't run over that old lady with the buggy." I was trying to talk to Middle Nephew while hoping that the sweet white-headed lady in front of us did not hear Prince call her an old lady. As my buggy came up beside said lady she turned and said to Prince, "Do you think this old lady would let anyone run her over with a buggy? I wouldn't get run over." Me trying to cover, "Prince, I wouldn't run that nice lady over. Don't you worry."
We finally find my sister and are doing the last little bit of looking.
Sister: Is there anything else you need or are you ready to go?
Me: Um
Middle Nephew: Can we go home now Aunt Ro?
Me: Almost
Sister: What else do you need?
Me: Nothing else. I'm done.
Sister: But you said you were almost done. I thought you needed something else.
Me: What?
Sister: You said almost. What did you mean?
Me: I did? Why did I say almost? I'm done I don't need anything else.
Sister: I don't know, but you said almost.
Prince: Mom, can we get an icee now?
Me: Oh, I know why I said almost. I was saying it to Middle Nephew because he asked if we could go home now.
Princess: Icee? Can we get an icee now?
Oldest Nephew: Can I have one too?
Sister: Oh. OK, so should I get in line?
Me: Yes we'll get icees, yes get in line.
I couldn't help but laugh in my head as there was so much going on that it was utter chaos. Many years ago when my sister and I imagined our lives as mommies, I'm pretty sure we didn't know we wouldn't be able to have a cogent conversation.

Yesterday I was trying to clean house and I sent Princess and Prince to clean their rooms. Princess came out to announce that her room was clean in a short amount of time and I have to say that she did a great job. She is a good little cleaner upper. Prince on the other hand, sat in his room for a good part of the afternoon playing instead of cleaning. There are action figures of all different kinds on his floor...GI Joe, Planet Heroes, Buzz Lightyear, Woody, little green army men, name them, he's got them. It came time for softball practice so the room was going to have to happen at another time. I walked, I mean tripped across his room and said, "Prince, it is ridiculous how messy this room is." Without skipping a beat, Prince replies, "Ridonculous even, Mom." How could I not laugh? It's a good thing he's funny and cute. That has saved his hiney many a times. It's what keeps me from leaving him out on the side of the road on trash day. Kidding! Just kidding! Don't call Dept. of Children and Families on me. Besides, if I did leave him out on the road, I'm sure Grandma would drive by and pick him up. She's always saving my kids from being in trouble.

We are getting ready for our annual beach vacation. Although we aren't leaving just yet, I have been gathering things I know we'll need to take with us and trying to be sure we have what we need. Despite my saying that we aren't leaving just yet, Princess decided that she was going to pack herself this morning. She brought out a Minnie Mouse bag that was packed to the gills. This evening as I was looking in it, I found that she really has a better idea of what she will need than I do. The bag contained about 5 bathing suits, flip flops, her kid "i-pod," and a few other toys. What it did not include: real clothes, panties, toothbrush, hairbrush, etc. In her mind, she has all she will need.

Today Hubby and I took the kids to the movies to see Toy Story 3. And I cried. The kids loved it and I thought it was very well done. Just made me sad to think about my own kids growing up so quickly. These last almost 6 years have really flown by.

On another totally random note, does anyone have a recipe that would replicate Publix's Cranberry Walnut Bread? It sure looked yummy tonight but I didn't want to pay $4 for the loaf. I want to try to make some with my whole wheat flour.


  1. We loved Toy Story as well. I don't cry...nope, not me! HA!

  2. Loved Toy Story 3 also & your blog! Think about 5 years Kyle will be Andy!! Oh...& yes I cried!! Love you!

  3. I can't believe my first little Buzz Lightyear is growing up so fast. My own little Buzz is growing up fast enough too!

    By the way, whether I cry in a movie or not is not a good gauge of anything because I cry at everything! I'm so mushy since I had kids.

  4. I love this post. It was so funny! Very cute! Sounds like you had a blast!!

  5. Have you been to the Publix website? I know they post recipes on there. Anna forwarded one to me ages ago...

    I still have to see TS3. Maybe this Saturday.