Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Keys, Camps, and Other Happenings

It was the weekend I dreamed of....a trip to Key West with good friends. Hubby had never been before and it's been more than 20 years since I have been. Our friends, who have been to the Keys many times, showed us the ropes of where to eat, where to go, and how to have a great time in Key West. Although I missed my kids like crazy, I needed this time away and I did have a relaxing time and came back with my batteries recharged.
This was the view from our balcony at the hotel

And how could I not relax while sitting on a boat watching this beautiful sunset

While in the Keys I:

~tried new foods I have never had before such as raw oysters. I can't say that they are my favorite, but I have tried them and they were OK. The conch fritters were the bomb!

~went snorkeling over a coral reef, which was a neat thing to see the different fish. I must admit I was a little scared of the baracuda I saw.

~took Hubby to the Southernmost Point. I went many years ago but this was his first visit.

~visited Ernest Hemingway's house and took the tour. I don't know how people lived without air condition back then. I guess we are all just wimpy, spoiled people but it was HOT in that house.

~laughed A LOT. It's a great thing to be with friends you can laugh with and enjoy being around.

The food and drinks were yummy, the atmosphere was beautiful and the company was awesome. So thankful for adventures with friends.

Sorry this one's a little blurry. That drink must have been stronger than I thought! Just kidding ~ mostly. Actually, this was taken with my i-Phone and I must have moved while taking it.

The guys did a much better job taking our picture.

Random Quick Topic Change:
Last night as we were walking from the car to the baseball field, there was a lady standing on the sidewalk waiting for someone else who was a ways behind us. As we get close to her, Prince says, "Excuse me lady but you are gorgeous!" Thankfully I don't think she heard him and I tried to shoo him on as quickly as I could. What would posess him?! She was a nice looking lady, but he's 5! I wanted to crawl in a hole. That Prince is quite the charmer.

Princess is participating in Cheerleading Camp this week. She is so excited and has been cheering all over the house. I think she really likes being with the older cheerleaders. Fact: I know nothing about being a cheerleader. I was a band geek. Hubby calls me "Queen of the Band Geeks" since I was drum major. Those were good times.

Prince is attending what I call "Mommy Camp." Yesterday he wanted to know where the other Mommies and kids were. Apparently he thought there would be a group of people and he didn't understand that it was just going to be the two of us this week. Today he and I went on a movie date. It was a fun day and it made me realize that Hubby and I don't do enough one on one things with the kids. We tend to think of the twins as a package deal. Guess we'll be working on that.


  1. Um...cheerleader?!?! Who are her parents? It must not be the Queen of Band Geeks and President of all Geeks that I remember. (Please know I use those terms with love since I am a fellow geek marrried to a geek). Oh please...tell me it ain't so. I offered to buy my girls a pony only if they promised never to be cheerleaders. HA! ;)

  2. Yes, it is true. Apparently the Princess is much cooler at age 5 than her parents ever were. Since birth she is that personality that just takes the party with her wherever she goes. Maybe this will get all of this cheerleader stuff out of her system and by middle/high school she'll decide that it's much cooler to be a band geek like her mother was. You probably don't remember or know this, but her daddy was also a band geek for a short time. Then he switched to newspaper editor, which met the same period as band.
    By the way, while I was taking Princess to cheer camp yesterday, I saw a car that looked just like your little jellybean car...same color and everything. Brought back a lot of memories from going with you and your parents to buy that car

  3. Oh, that car lasted until 2002, when I practically had to drag it to work. some days, I still miss her ;)

    You have got to get that girl a pony. Better yet, give her a whistle and teach her to wave her arms around like a true band geek/drum major!

    Just kidding. I guess she can be cool if she wants to. What will you do if the prince wants to be cool too? My poor children are being forced into a life of dorkdom. But, we are knee deep in karate around here.

  4. Excuse me lady, you are gorgeous!??!? hahaha! too funny!