Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Retreat

This has been a different week for me. Hubby has had a work retreat in Orlando and I was asked to come with him. So I arranged for our wonderful babysitter to come and stay with the children so I could go and stay for three days to support my husband. Did I mention that we are staying at a really nice hotel and it's quiet in the room by myself?

Did I mention the view?

The truth is, I have had a great time while supporting my husband and meeting with the other wives. Every once in a while it is nice to be able to concentrate on being a wife and be able to think about who you are as your own person as well. You know, without having to hear, "Mommy I need..." in the background. It's strange because I have been looking forward to these few days of retreat, but I miss my Prince and Princess terribly. I also find that I don't really know who I am without them. The other wives have grown children and grandchildren. They know who they are and they know what they want to do. It seems conversation steers itself back to my precious children because they are my life.

And while my children miss me being there, they are being spoiled rotten by their too cool babysitter. They have Vacation Bible School in the mornings. Yesterday afternoon they talked her into taking them to the zoo. Today they went to the movies. They got a pretty sweet vacation out of the deal.

In between missing my children, I am having a good time, though. We are eating at amazing restaurants. Last night the University took us to Emeril's and to see Blue Man Group. I have been shopping and lunching with wonderful women, who have been so gracious to include me, and I have had uninterrupted conversations with Hubby. All of these things are pluses. (Fun Fact: Did you know that pluses could also be spelled plusses? I looked it up to be sure.) Tomorrow I will return to reality and will hug my children tight and listen to all of their adventures from when I was gone. But for now, I am off to enjoy the quiet with a good book.


  1. From one Mommy who just had an awesome relaxing break to another... ENJOY!! This was our 2nd annual mini-vacation that was just for us, and although I totally missed the kids, and the whole time I thought about how much they would have enjoyed the trip, I also know how priceless the un-interrupted conversations are! It was great being able to concentrate on each other as husband and wife, not as Mommy/Daddy/teacher/student/staff person/etc... I know without a doubt that the 3 days we spent over the weekend makes our marriage stronger, which makes us better Mommy/Daddy/teacher/student/etc!! Enjoy your time, Enjoy Wes, then tomorrow, marvel at how much MORE you will enjoy the Prince and Princess! You deserve it!!