Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Happy 30th Anniversary STS-1

Today was an amazing day!  Thirty years ago today, Columbia launched into space for the first time, carrying astronauts John Young and Bob Crippen.  The space shuttle program has been such a part of my life that I hardly remember my life before STS-1.  At a press conference this afternoon, NASA Administrator Charlie Bolden announced that Space Shuttle Atlantis will remain at Kennedy Space Center after it's final flight later this year.  This was an amazing announcement because while it seems common sense that one of the orbitors would be housed at KSC, there was no guarantee.  There were many museums that were vying for a shuttle.  The others will go to Los Angeles, New York, and DC.  Houston, we have a problem....in that Houston did not get one of the shuttles and they really should have. 
Anyway, this afternoon/evening there was a 30th Anniversary celebration for employees and their families and we were fortunate enough to attend.  This is Charlie Bolden giving his speech.  Also on the platform are Bob Cabana, Director of KSC (left) and Rita Willcoxen, Director of Launch Vehicle Processing.
This is astronaut Chris Ferguson, who we have met before and Prince really enjoyed him.  Ferguson will be Commander of the last launch, STS-135. 

Look who came for the ocassion!! Yep, it's the Cake Boss and he made that amazing shuttle with boosters and tank in the background.  He said the shuttle itself is made of rice crispy treats.  The rest is cake. 

Here's another picture of the cake.
And, here's me with the cake.
They put flares on the bottom of the solid rocket boosters and lit them as the structure the cake was on lifted the cake.  It was really quite amazing. 

Princess and Prince goof off with Grandma.

It was a fun celebration and I am so glad we went.  Even if it was 90 degrees and humid as all get out.  It was worth it and I got to eat cake from the Cake Boss.  Yummy!!


  1. Wow...You live in a very interesting world!

  2. Makes me miss home!!!