Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wednesday Hodgepodge

Hodgepodge Wednesday ~ Go see Joyce and link up!

1. Would you rather talk to everyone at a crowded party for a short time or have a significant conversation with two people?

It depends on what kind of a party it is.  These days I attend many receptions and dinners for Hubby's work where I don't know many of the people, or at least I don't know them well.  In that case, I talk to quite a few people for a short time.  I do know several of the wives and it is fun to catch up with them.  On the other hand, if the party is with people I know well, I always feel torn because I would love to sit down and have a significant conversation, but I also want to touch base with everyone and see how they are doing.  I am really quite social by nature.

2. What objects do you remember from your parent's living room?
When I was really little, my dad had ginormous speakers on either side of the huge TV.  Also, he had a double cassette player, I'm not sure if there was an 8 track player at one time or not.  Oh, I've got to try to find pictures.  This is really bringing back memories. 

3. Do you hog the bed? Steal the covers? Snore?
I don't really do any of those things.  I am always trying to get the covers back from Hubby.  Hubby teases me and says that I drool in my sleep, but that doesn't really happen.  Well, hardly ever anyway.

4. Speaking of Easter dinner....what is your favorite way to cook/eat lamb? Or does just the thought of that make you squeamish? If you're not cooking lamb what will be your entree du jour on Easter Sunday?
Lamb?  No thank you.  I did finally try it when Hubby took me out to the Brazilian restaurant for our anniversary but I just didn't like it.  We have ham on Easter.  Oh, yummy!  I can hardly wait!

5. Let's throw some politics into this week's mix-oooohhh...Do you know the whereabouts of your birth certificate and when was the last time you had to produce it to prove you're you?
My birth certificate is in our fire safe (I think).  I think the last time I had to produce it was to get my new social security card when I changed my name after we were married 9 years ago.
6. As a child, how did people describe you?
                                                          I think I was 3 in this picture

I remember people telling me I was big for my age.  I mostly liked being around adults, so I think people always thought I was older than what I really was.
This is my mom and me when I was 3.  She made our matching outfits.
7. What do you complain about the most?
I hate to say this, but I probably complain about laundry and being tired the most.  In the grand scheme of things, this sounds really petty. 
A couple of years ago our pastor challenged us to stop complaining.  We all wore purple "No Complaining" bracelets and each time we complained or said something negative we were to switch our bracelet to the other arm.  That was to increase our awareness of what we were saying and how it sounded.  The problem was, we did become more conscious of it and then would preface our conversation with, "this isn't meant as a complaint, but..." or a time or two I even switched my bracelet mid-sentence, knowing what I was saying was a blatantly negative statement and saying it anyway.  That pretty much defeated the whole purpose of it.  I have thought about putting my bracelet back on and giving it a try again.

8. Insert your own random thought here.
Sunday afternoon I went to my first NBA game.  I can cross it off the bucket list.  It was quite an exciting game: The Orlando Magic vs. Chicago Bulls.  Our seats were waaaaay in the nosebleed section, but it was a fun time.
We went with my sister and her family as well as my parents.  Tail-gated in the parking garage before the game and then went in and had a fantastic time.  Hubby was a little LOT freaked out by the height and wouldn't let me or the kids move from our seats for the first part of the game. 
My little cheerleader loved cheering on the Magic.

The game was a nail biter to the very end, when the Magic tried to tie it up with a 3 pointer, but unfortunately it was a fraction of a second too late and the Bulls won.  This is a do-over, but not from that high up again.  Next time we'll try for seats a little lower down.


  1. You were adorable-love the mother/daughter matchy matchy-so cute!

  2. I remember when those bracelets were on Oprah and I thought...that will NEVER work! I think it was then that I really thought about the root cause of complaining...somewhere it's rooted in pride and ungratefulness.
    I've made matching Mother's Day outfits for me and my daughter every year so far...but maybe not this year. Just not feeling it.

  3. I love a good game with lots of competition.

    8-track player...I wonder how many people remember those.

    Great answers!

  4. Bracelet idea was awesome!!! I think as women we complain because we feel we do have it all on us to do or is it because we think no one can do it (whatever task) the way we think it should be done!!! Adorable Mother/Daughter outfits.

  5. Jumped over here from Joyce's blog! The matching outfits are delightful - my mom used to do the same thing, but for my brother and I... no wonder we have issues... :-)

  6. I like the complaint bracelet. I think I need one of those.

  7. It looks like you all had a great time at the game, despite the nosebleed seats.
    I love the cute matching outfits. I always made my kids match... they like to tease me about it now... a lot. :) Thanks for sending the book. I received it this week. God bless.

  8. Awww...that picture of you and your mom is adorable!!!