Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Palm Sunday Ponderings

Last weekend we celebrated my father-in-law's 60th birthday.  On our trip, we went to church to their church to see an Easter production called "The Promise."  They have been doing this production for many years, but this was the first time I had been up there to see it.  On the way to church, Hubby and I were talking to the children about how they were going to behave in church and what to expect.  I explained that there would not be children's church that day because of the play.  Prince was not happy and with his grumbling said, "Well I hope the play is about Peter Cottontail meets Jesus."  I assured him it was not, but that was a creative thought.
As we watched the production, the time came when Jesus was carrying the cross down the aisle.  He was bloody from being whipped and you could see how heavy that cross was.  It was quite an emotional moment for me.  The tears started and I tried to hide it, but both kids saw I was upset.  Prince, who was on my lap whispered, "Mommy, why are you so stressed out?  You know Jesus had to die.  He had to pay the price.  He wanted to Mommy."  So wise at such a young age.  I replied, "Yes, Prince, he did pay the price for our sins.  He died because he loves us so much and he paid the price so that we can live with him in heaven one day."  Princess, sitting beside me said, "Mommy, you know that's not real blood on him.  That's just some kind of jelly or something they made to look like blood.  He's not really hanging on that cross, they just made it look like he is."  She was trying to make me feel better and I love her kind heart that doesn't want people to be upset.  When it was over and we were in the car I addressed this with both of the kids.  I explained that Princess was right, that the man playing Jesus was not really bleeding and that he wasn't really nailed to that cross in the sanctuary, but they made it look like that because all of this really did happen.  It happened like that and was probably much worse looking than even portrayed.  Sometimes it's good for us to get upset.  I think we all need to realize the gravity of what Jesus did.  We need to spend more time reflecting on Good Friday so that we can truly appreciate the relevance of Easter Sunday.  That's where my heart has been this week as I contemplate the true sacrifice that was made.


  1. Easter is a celebration of life that couldn't happen without the darkness of that awful death. While yes it is hard to think about you are right, reflection of all that Good Friday means is the only way to truly understand the celebration we will have on Sunday.

  2. I do think we like to skip over Good Friday and go straight to the celebrating. I'm really in a contemplative mood this season and I've been reading some devotionals geared to the different aspects of the Easter story...they are thought provoking and stay with me and I'm feeling more appreciatve and grateful for the sacrifice this year I think.

    Happy Easter to you and your sweet family!