Friday, April 1, 2011

Blogiversary Winner and Other News

It has been quite the week!  After I posted about my wonderful blogiversary give away and all, I was looking forward to finding out who the lucky winner would be.  Wouldn't you know it that we had a terrible thunderstorm to come through on Wednesday afternoon which knocked out our power at 5 p.m.  Our power was not restored until 8 p.m. on THURSDAY!  We slept at my parents' house and thank goodness they had power but they did not have cable or internet because of the storm.  I'm used to living like this when a hurricane comes through, but not just a thunderstorm.  Honestly, I have lived through hurricanes that did a lot less damage than this storm. 
This is what we saw all over the neighborhood.  Apparently there were many larger trees that fell on power lines, thus we had no power for 27 hours.  Our telephone is through the cable company so we had no land line either.  Thank goodness for cell phones.

Anywho, now to the nitty gritty of who won the Blogiversary Give Away.  And the winner is......Susan!  Go visit Susan here and congratulate her.  I will be sending her a copy of:

This is one of my favorite studies and I highly recommend you get it and do it either with a small group or even on your own.  I like all of her books, but this was the first one I read and perhaps that's why it's my favorite. 

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