Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter Activities and One Tired Mommy

If yesterday was busy, today was exhausting! I'm not sure when the morning began and the night ended, as I was up quite a bit with the princess last night and her terrible allergies. Looks like we'll be scheduling an appointment with the allergist very soon. This morning was booked with peewee bowling league followed immediately by the Easter egg hunt at our church. The kids had such a good time with all of the games and activities and then with the culminating activity of finding the eggs. This afternoon we dyed eggs and had our own little pre-Easter dinner on the china. During our dinner-time prayer, hubby began and we went around the table each adding to the prayer. It made my heart happy to hear the children say, "Jesus, I love you and I am so glad you are in heaven. I hope you like it up there and one day because I have you in my heart, I will go to heaven and be with you."
The highlight to my day had to be listening to my children retell the Easter story using Resurrection Eggs. Each egg has a little piece of the story in it to prompt them about what happens from Palm Sunday through Easter. I am amazed at the details they remember! The princess explained the Last Supper and said, "Jesus washed the disciples' feet but Peter said he couldn't and Jesus said you have to learn how to serve if you want to come into my kingdom. Then Jesus held up a cup and said 'This is my blood poured out for you and he held up bread and broke it and said 'This is my body broken for you. Eat and drink and remember me when you do it. I am going away and you will be sad but you should be happy because you will see me again..." I'm sure I couldn't recall all of this at age 5!

I must go now and help the Easter Bunny hide eggs and make sure everyone's clothes are set out and ready for church tomorrow. Jesus is alive! Hallelujah!

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