Sunday, April 18, 2010

Thinking Like Children

I have mentioned before that my little princess and prince often teach me about God and His character through their daily conversations. They also give me a lot of writing material. I think about how Jesus said we should have faith like a child. Children are so curious and they have a way of asking questions that stretch us and make us think about our own beliefs. They don't think any question is off limits or too hard, they just want an answer. Sometimes I just want to crawl up in Jesus' lap and ask him my own questions.
I thought I would share a couple of conversations I have had with my children lately. They amaze me every day with the things they come up with!

Princess: Mommy, why do people have to die?

Me: So that we can go to heaven to be with God.

Princess: But God is with us all the time anyway, so why do we have to die and go to heaven to be with him?

Me: Because our bodies don't last forever. They wear out and when your body gets old and worn out, you die and you go to heaven to be with God forever.

Princess: But God made us and He could have made us to last forever and we could live forever on earth with him because he's always with us.

Me: Yes, but our bodies aren't forever. Our spirits, our souls, what God gives us on the inside is forever and when we get to heaven we'll be with God forever.

Princess thinks for a minute then says: So why didn't He just make us differently? If God made us, He could have done it different.

Me: Yes, He could have, but He didn't.

Princess: So when you get to heaven do you get to do what you want?

Me: I think you get to do the things that make you happy.

Princess: Maybe when you go to heaven to be with God you get to be happy forever and ever.

Me: Yes, I think you do.

Last week when I picked up the princess from her dance class she was upset. There are a couple of girls in there that are mean to her and say ugly things like she doesn't dance well, etc. She was in tears and we talked about how sometimes people act ugly toward us but we still have to be nice to them and be the bigger person. Meanwhile, in my head I wanted to say something to those little darling girls about making mine so upset, but of course I can't do that. Anyway, at bedtime she said she wanted to say a "Dear God" prayer instead of "Now I lay me." Her prayer went like this: "Dear God, please help those girls at dance to not be mean to me. And please help me to love them even when they are mean to me because I know that you made them and you love them. Amen." I could learn a lot from my 5 year old!

A couple of weeks ago I was getting ready for work and the Prince came into my bathroom to get his hair brushed. I didn't have his water bottle available so I put water in my hand and as I soaked the top of his head I said, "Prince, I baptize you." To which he said, "Do animals get baptized?"

Me: No, I don't think so.

Prince: Why?

Me: I just don't think they do.

Princess: Yes, they do!

Me: How do you know?

Princess: Because in the Lion King movie Rafiki baptizes baby Simba with a mango. He breaks it open and puts it on his head and then he holds Simba up like Pastor David holds up the babies in church.

Me: You've got me there.

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