Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Jesus, it's Wednesday and I Need You!

This is actually something I wrote a few weeks ago on another site, but it came to mind this morning as I sleepily crawled out of bed saying, "Jesus, it's Wednesday and I REALLY need you!"

Last week as I was looking on facebook, a friend’s status really caught my attention. She said, “It’s Wednesday, Jesus I need you.” When I first read it, I thought, “It’s Wednesday, what’s the big deal about Wednesday?” Then I realized, that was exactly her point. It really got me to thinking about my relationship with Jesus. Why don’t I tell him every day that I need him? In my quest to be an independent woman who can take care of things on her own, I have left out an important person. In fact THE most important person gets left out of the little everyday things. It isn’t that I intentionally exclude him, I just haven’t thought about telling him that I need him. This simple facebook post has changed my life. Each morning since I read that post, I have made an important change in my day. As I wake up each morning I now say, “Jesus, it’s Monday and I need you. Jesus, it’s Tuesday and I need you.” I need Jesus every day and now I tell him so each morning.

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