Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Random Thoughts ~ Episode 1

Yesterday morning I was awakened by the awesome rumbling produced during a space shuttle launch. I ran out the front door in time to witness the bright light of the most beautiful shuttle launch at sunrise. It makes me appreciate the opportunities I have had, growing up as a Booster Brat on the Space Coast. It also reminds me of how much I am going to miss these beautiful shuttle launches when the shuttle program is retired. My little prince says he wants to be an astronaut and ride on the shuttle when he grows up. I don't have the heart to tell him that the shuttle won't be around then. At five, I want him to dream big and he loves all things space related. I am hopeful that by the time he grows up, if he truly wants to be an astronaut, we'll have another launch vehicle.

Also, yesterday was the first day back to work from Spring Break. While we were on break, a couple of my teachers decided they needed to pull an April Fool's prank on me. I returned to work to find the contents of my desktop packed into a cardboard box. I feel loved AND I am plotting revenge for when they least expect it.

I am loving the beautiful spring weather we have been having. It makes me want to do spring cleaning! I have a huge plan built up in my brain of all the things I want to accomplish but finding the time to do it all is problematic. So I am going to make lists...lots and lots of lists and cross those things off, big and small as they are done. This will at least help me to feel like I have things in hand. That perception of having things in control...it's a great feeling, especially for a control freak like myself.

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