Monday, May 16, 2011

6 Years Old Going on 16

This week will be the culmination of the school year for me.  And boy is it ever going to be a week!!  I have kindergarten graduation for Prince and Princess on Thursday night and then preschool graduation on Friday night.  I can't believe my Prince and Princess are finishing kindergarten.  The time is going too fast.  I want a pause button!  or at least a feature where I can put it in slow motion.  As I've been wondering where the time has gone, God has given me a verse:
 "There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens." Ecclesiastes 3:1. 

This is the season of my little kids growing into bigger kids.  In church yesterday, Prince wanted to snuggle in my lap.  I love those snuggles, yes I do.  I have noticed though how big he is getting.  It's quite hard in the pew to snuggle him on my lap because there just isn't enough space.  Sigh...

Princess is 6 going on 16.  She got a new diary last week with a lock on it.  She thinks she is big stuff with that diary.  She wanted to know where she could hide it so her brother wouldn't read all of her little secrets she writes in there.  So I showed her my old secret hiding place, between the mattress and boxsprings of her bed. NOTE: If you are related to me and are reading this, I no longer keep a secret diary so don't bother going to look under my mattress.  You won't find anything there.  I don't have that kind of free time anymore.
OK, back to my story.  So Princess took her diary over to Grandma's house on Saturday afternoon and was writing in it.  She asked Grandma for her phone number and Grandma told her and she wrote it in her cute little diary.  Then she asked Grandma for her aunt's phone number.  Grandma told her and she wrote that one underneath along with her aunt's name that Grandma spelled out for her.  Does anyone else see that this is a disaster waiting to happen?!  Grandma and Princess are tight and Grandma does not believe that her little Princess ever does wrong.  I usually end up getting some portion of the blame for why Princess may have done something she shouldn't have.  ANYWAY, yesterday morning I received a phone call at 7:20 and I could tell from caller ID that it was my sister.  Her boys are up early but she doesn't usually call this early so I was a bit surprised and concerned that something might be wrong. 
Me: Hello?
Sis: You rang?
Me: No, you called me.  Is something wrong?
Sis: No, you called me. 
Me: No I didn't. 
Sis: Well someone from your house called me.
Me: I think I might know what happened.  I'll take care of this.  Sorry about that.

So I go looking for Princess.  I found her down the hall looking all innocent. 
Me: Princess, did you call your aunt?
Princess: Am I in trouble?
Me: Did you call your aunt's house?
Princess is trying to decide how much to tell me at this point.  She is acting like the details are a bit sketchy.  She finally said: Yes?  Am I in trouble?
Me: You woke her up!  Why would you call her at 7:00 in the morning?!  You are supposed to ask permission before using the phone anyway.
Princess: Well I didn't actually know I had to ask permission to call her and I figured my cousins get up early anyway so I didn't know I would be waking her up.  I thought she was up. 

About this time Hubby got up and I told him what had happened.  He asked, "Princess, why were you trying to call your aunt this morning?  What did you need?"
Princess: I needed to see if she would do my nails. 
I thought I was going to bust a gut!  I'm trying not to laugh, but not doing well with this.  Hubby's response was even better.  With a half smirk he says, "Next time you need to call her during regular business hours."

Happy Monday All!


  1. Life is never dull with girls (big or little! ) : )

  2. Oh yeah, this process is such a trip!! My Twinkie princesses are 5, and Princess Hope is 8...and I need some more hot tea just thinking about it. HA!