Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Moving into the Wednesday Hodge Podge

It's Hodgepodge Wednesday everyone!  Go see Joyce HERE and link up with your answers, but first, read mine!

1. How many times in your life have you moved house?

Not as much as a lot of people, seeing as how I grew up in the same how from the time I was 5 until I got married at 25.  There was that one semester that I decided to go away to college, only to find out that I was not really ready to be away so I lasted the one semester and moved back home.  After my Grandaddy died I moved in with my Mema, but I didn't have to move furniture, just my clothes and a few things  I wanted with me.  After all, my house was only a mile away.  The first BIG move occurred when Hubby and I got married.  In addition to all of the wedding preparations I had to pack up a house and get it ready for my parents, sister and bro-in-law to bring it all up to me in a u-haul.  This was a challenge.  I had somehow accumulated a 3 bedroom house full of furniture and Hubby had his furniture and  I didn't really do a great job of downsizing beforehand.  Let's just say we had a LOT of stuff.  We still have a lot of stuff!  So we had a cute little rental house that we loved.  We did not love the little landlady who reminded me of Gladys Kravitz and came around for her rent money on the first that we had to pay in cash.  I'm convinced she would stuff her mattress with the money and not claim it as income, but that's another story.  Anywho, we had been in that cute little house for almost 2 years when we found out we were having twins and this cute little house suddenly was already feeling cramped.  So we found another rental and moved just across town.  However, we had to have the help of all of our family because I was pregnant and couldn't lift, and Hubby broke his foot.  We loved this house and brought our babies home to it and all was great until we changed landlords twice and then they were looking to sell again.  So we moved into a townhouse for a short while before moving to Florida.  We stayed with my parents for a little over a month until we found our house.  That feels like a lot of moving to me.

My bro-in-law and Dad proudly stand by the truck they packed up to move me from Florida to Georgia.  I told you I had a lot to move!

2. What subject would you study if you had a year to devote to it?
I'm about to commit to studying for a few years to get a Master of Divinity.

3. What in this world breaks your heart?
Children that go without.  My children are my world and they want for nothing.  Sometimes I feel guilty about that because there are so many children with needs in this world. 
4. What is one item that symbolizes the times in which we live? Why?
I think the smart phone.  Unfortunately we are all about instant access to everyone and everything and the smart phones have enabled that.  You can call, email, or message anyone.  You also have access to the internet and can get any information you want at any time.  Sometimes I wish I were a little more disconnected from all of it.
5. Share a favorite bumper sticker or t-shirt slogan.
I've been wanting a bumper sticker that I saw a while back that says, "Got Twins?"  but I haven't found one.
I think my new favorite shirt is the one I bought Hubby a while back:

6. How do you like your spaghetti?
I make spaghetti about once a week and I doctor it differently depending on what kind of mood I'm in.  I grew up with ground beef in the sauce.  However, I have taken to buying frozen meatballs from the wholesale club and it makes it very easy to heat them and pop them in the sauce. 

7. What is one piece of advice you would give a recent, or soon to be recent, graduate?
To not be afraid to take chances, go after what you want, and never stop learning. 

8. Insert your own random thought here.
Ever wake up and think "it's going to be one of those days?"  Yep, it's gonna be one of THOSE days for me.  It's 6 a.m. and already I feel like I need Calgon!


  1. That is a great t-shirt! Hope your day settles down or brightens up-whichever is required : )

  2. Totally agree with answer #4-phones Gosh!!! Agree children who go without break my heart. I teach and on Thursday I pack backpacks for children at the middle school who go without food for the weekend. Now that school is coming to a close on June 10th, I am worried about how to get food to them for the summer. Have a good day :)

  3. I like your advice to graduates. Life is a learning experience if we choose to let it be so, so go with the flow and keep learning!

  4. You had A LOT of stuff!!! I can't imagine having to move all of that. I have a ton of stuff but I decided with my last move, that I would never do it again.

    Hope you day get's better!

  5. Hope your day has gotten better!

  6. My Calgon moments usually come around at 12:30...right as the bell is ringing for 5th most challenging. Sigh. Two more days until Finals. I can do it!