Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Random Thoughts on Tuesday

Random Thoughts on a Tuesday Morn

1.  My Mother's Day was amazing!  Hubby and the kiddos made and served me a blt for breakfast.  I don't like to eat in bed, so we gathered at the dining room table, where they each said prayers of thanksgiving for me.  It was so sweet!  Hubs got me a charm for my pandora bracelet, precious moments figurines and a kindle.  We went to church and then had a pool party at my mom and dad's house. 

2.  While we were at my parents' house, we talked Prince into getting a buzz cut.  My sister did the honors and it came out so cute.  I think he looks older.  Prince has been reisisting this for a few weeks because he was afaid he would "look bold (bald) like Daddy."  He seems happy with it.  Princess keeps telling him how handsome he looks.

3.  I can not see my followers on my blog page.  Why would this be?  Have I done something to the set-up?  I can see them when I look at my blog from my i-phone, but not from my computer.  This bothers me.  Anybody have any advice on how to fix this?

4. Last Friday was promotion day in tae kwon do.  Both kiddos got their yellow belts and they were so proud.  I'm really pleasantly surprised at how much better they are doing than when they first started.
                                                           Here is the Prince in action.

Princess shows off her high block.

5.  On Saturday we went to the beach.  Prince found a giant hole that someone else dug and had Princess pouring water on him like it was his own private swimming pool. 
It's great if you can get someone to wait on you.  Perhaps that is a perk of having a twin. 
The beach was amazingly relaxing.  I didn't want to leave.  Hubby and I ventured out into the water with the kids and it was COLD!  The kids don't care, they have been going in the ocean since February.  This was the first time we had gone in this year and it was still too cold.


  1. Your Mother's Day sounds so nice : ) Your son looks adorable with his new 'do'. I can see your followers...sometimes mine don't load for some reason but when I reboot they turn up? I think sometimes its a Blogger kink.

  2. Awe your beach visits sound so fun. Yellow belts...you have some cuties to protect you too.

  3. I never got into the water until it (the water) was at least 80 degrees ;)