Monday, March 14, 2011

The Anniversary Trip

Yesterday I promised you the story of our anniversary weekend.  Let me first remind you of how awesome my Hubby is.  We know he is awesome because he has a shirt that tells us so.

He is also awesome for other reasons too, and I am about to tell you one of the reasons I think he is so awesome. 
Around the end of January Hubby asked me if I thought my parents would watch the kiddos for a weekend around our anniversary.  My parents agreed that it would be fine, and Hubby began making secret plans.  So I have been in suspense for several weeks.  Around the beginning of last week Hubby asked if I wanted him to tell me where we were going.  After waiting all of this long, I decided that being surprised would be a great thing.  It wasn't easy for me, being such a planner and all, but I knew Hubby had plans and he had it all under control.  Throughout the week he threw me a few hints, telling me we were not going far and that I would need dress-up clothes for Saturday.  On Wedensday he really threw me for a loop when he told me he needed to know what shoes I was going to wear.  Huh?!  So I tried on a couple of dresses and we decided what dress and shoes I would wear to wherever it was we were going.  I couldn't figure out why it mattered what shoes I was going to wear.

Friday evening we left the kids with my parents and off we went.  On our way in the car, Hubby told me that we were going to Orlando for the weekend.  Friday night's dinner was up to me, as he wanted me to have some choice about what we did.  After dinner we went back to the hotel and exchanged gifts.  Hubby bought me a beautiful pearl and jade necklace and earrings and a new dress.  This was why he wanted to know what shoes I was wearing!  He wanted my shoes to match my new dress.  He picked out a beautiful dress, the problem was that it didn't fit like I wanted it to.  It was too short for my taste and well, I have too much junk in the trunk to pull it off.  But it was such a thoughtful thing to do!  He might have also bought me a pretty nightie that is also comfortable.  He also brought me a rose in a little bud vase, champagne and champagne glasses, and his i-pod and speakers.

Saturday morning Hubby decided it was time to tell me of the plans he had made.  We had the morning free to take my new dress back to the store and I tried on lots of other clothes he picked out for me and I got two toher dresses for the same price of the original dress.  What a deal! 
The big surprise was...wait for it...

tickets to see Wicked!  I was so excited! 

This was a picture I took of us before we left the hotel.  I think we cleaned up pretty good.

The play was fantastical, I absolutely loved it!  At intermission Hubby bought me a CD of it.
This is Hubby waiting in line to buy my CD.

After the show, Hubby had made reservations for us to eat at Texas de Brazil, a Brazilian steakhouse that is oh so delicious.  When you go there, you don't eat all day before going because you want to save all the room you can.  They have a huge salad bar with lots of exotic salads and cheeses on it.  Then they have these gauchos that walk around with different cuts of meat on long skewers and they keep putting different kinds of meat on your plate.  It's all you can eat and they serve it with mashed potatoes and bananas that have been baked in brown sugar and cinnamon but they aren't soggy...oh, it is just all too delicious.  It's also quite costly, so you go for really special ocassions.  We have only been one other time. 

Yesterday morning we checked out and shopped a little before going home.  Hubby indulged me by watching me try on more clothes and he might have bought me a few more outfits.  It was such a nice and relaxing weekend away.  We spent time praying together that God would direct our paths and continue to be the center of our family, that we would parent according to His will. We told each other all of the things we love about the other.  I felt totally pampered and I love my amazing Hubby so much!  It was a treat for the two of us to be able to talk without interruptions and to enjoy being alone together.   And coming back home was a joy because I felt refreshed and renewed.  I wonder what we'll do next year for our 10th anniversary?!  We'll have a hard time topping this one!


  1. How sweet! I always think its the planning that makes this kind of thing so doesn't matter so much the 'where' but the idea that they thought ahead and went to some trouble is what I think makes it all extra nice. Wicked is one of my favorite shows too.

    Happy Anniversary!

  2. So romantic! Your hubby is AMAZING!

  3. *clapping hands* Bravo, Mr. Awesome, bravo...

    Funny how you just casually "slip" in the bit about a comfy nightie...

    So you didn't want to eat at OG on Hwy 50? Good times there, good times.

    I enjoy Brazilian BBQ too but for me, that would be for after Lent. When I feel like I haven't eaten meat for 40 days.