Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Wednesday Hodgepodge

1. March 2nd is Dr. Seuss's birthday so I'm you like green eggs and ham? Okay-how about this do you like your eggs? Or don't you?
I like my eggs lots of different ways.  Probably my favorite is either over easy or deviled. 
Incidentally, we did eat green and eggs and ham today at preschool and look who made a guest appearance to read!

2. Is March coming in like a lion or something less ferocious where you live?
It's been pretty mild, although we did have rain yesterday. 

3. Do you work better or worse under pressure?
I work better under pressure.  I need that deadline and the pressure to keep me going.  Otherwise I don't see the urgency in getting it done.  I think I have all kinds of time and then it gets down to the wire and voila! I somehow get it done at the last. 

4. March Madness-are you a fan? It's college basketball in case you're wondering. And if you're outside the USA tell us-is there any sort of 'madness' taking place during March in your part of the world?
The only madness that takes place for us is all of the birthdays in March and trying to keep track of all of the dates.  We actually begin in Feb. with my Dad's birthday on the 26th.  Then in March  my mother-in-law, my sister-in-law and my mom all have birthdays in the same week with our anniversary is squeezed in the middle.

5. Under what circumstances do you do your best thinking?
I do my best thinking when I am not under pressure to think.  Honestly, my best problem solving occurs in the shower and when I am asleep.  Many times if I need an answer to something I can sleep on it and I'll dream about good possible solutions.  I'm guessing that the reason I do good thinking in the shower is that I am not distracted by other things around me.  I start to relax and can clear my head of the junk.

6. What item of clothing from your wardrobe do you wear most often?
Blue jeans.  As a preschool person and mom, I am on the floor playing, reading, cleaning up, etc.  My jeans are comfy and allow me to do what I need to do.

7. Do you use sarcasm?
Not really.  I just am not a sarcastic person, nor do I like it when other people use it.  I like it better when people will just come out and say what they mean.

8. Insert your own random thought here.
Something very disconcerting happened this morning when I dropped the kids off at school.  I always walk them in to their classroom and they give me a hug and a kiss goodbye.  This morning my sweet Prince would not give me a kiss in front of his friends.  I tried not to show how crushed I was that my kindergarten son wouldn't kiss me, so I told him to have a good day and walked out of the classroom.  Just as I got half-way down the hall I heard Prince's sweet voice tell his teacher that he wanted one more hug from me and he came down the hall after me with his teacher watching so he could give me a hug and a kiss on the cheek.  I honestly thought I had a little longer before he found me totally embarrassing.  Kindergarten?  Seriously?  I don't know if I'm ready for this! 


  1. awwwwww, i remember that feeling the first time. you're right, it hurts. thankfully god prepares us little by little and in spurts. my girl wouldn't hug me in front of the friends at the bus but she'd hug me in the house before leaving for the she's 19 and called me friday from her was the first time she's told me on the phone she missed me. we got in the car the next day and met her half way to spend the day was AWESOME!
    she still doesn't admit she likes hugs but i give 'em to her anyway ;D

  2. Get lots of kisses when he comes home.

  3. Oh, I remember when the kids did not want that kiss goodbye in front of their peers! Just a few years ago, I was taking one of my grandsons to school and his friends were standing around the door to his schoolroom. I wanted to give him a big hug and kiss but the look (pleading) in his eyes told me to hold was heartbreaking to know he was growing up. When I picked him up, and we were in the car, he gave me the biggest and tightest hug a little guy could give!
    I know part of the hug was a "thanks" for being cool around his friends!

  4. Funny...I was reading along and all of the sudden the border with the bright yellow flowers loaded and scared me! WOW! I love them...but eeek! LOL! Love the kids (preschoolers) would have been all over that.

  5. Sorry to have scared you, Bobbi. I don't know why sometimes it takes the page longer to load than others.

  6. My guys (10 and 12) sometimes have kiss avoidance, but for the most part I still get a peck before they jump out of the car. Please note that I said car. They might not kiss me goodbye so openly if it happened in front of their friends at the classroom door.

  7. You know I'm accused of using sarcasm no matter what...

  8. Yes, and I love you for it, but I always think I come across sounding mean when I try to use sarcasm. I just don't think it's me. Some people can pull it off, I can't.